Biden Spends $585,000 for One Night Stay in Paris While Airport Control Towers Are Being Shutdown

President Barack Obama’s sequestration has resulted in furloughs for TSA, Border Patrol and Customs agents.  It has cost our servicemen and women their promised tuition coverage.  FDA is furloughing meat and food inspectors which are supposed to cause shortages and high prices at the stores.  The FAA has announced the closing of a number of smaller airport control towers.  And yes, the White House made their token budget cut by ending all tours of the White House.

In the wake of all of the sequestration cuts and other fiscal problems facing our nation, Vice President Joe Biden has demonstrated just how concerned he is over the issue.  Less than one month before the sequestration cuts took effect, Biden and his wife traveled to Europe.  They spent one night at the Hotel Intercontinental in Paris.  When they left for London the next day, the hotel bill, to be picked up by us taxpayers, totaled a whopping $585,000.

It is reported that Biden reserved at least 100 rooms in the expensive hotel for him and his entourage.  Most likely, he stayed in the Presidential Suite which consists of two rooms covering 1,851 square feet and costing 2,975 Euros or $3,863.  Even if all 100 rooms cost that much, that would come to $386,000.  One has to wonder what the additional $199,000 was spent on?

I believe this example of privileged waste is typical of so many politicians, not just Biden and Obama.  But when Biden talks about his poor upbringing and how he relates to the average American, his words fall on deaf ears because his actions are loudly speaking volumes.

We as American taxpayers need to be demanding accountability out of our elected leaders.  They need to justify every penny they spend and when it’s above and beyond what’s reasonable, they need to be forced to pay it back out of their own pockets or go to jail for misappropriation of public funds.  $585,000 for a one night stay in Paris is excessive and Biden needs to pay back most of that or go to jail.  Perhaps then we’ll start to see some kind of fiscal responsibility from our elected leaders.