Big Government Uses Funds to Punish Enemies, Reward Loyalists

Big Government gets money from the people and then uses it selectively to reward some and punish others.


We all pay taxes. We all are being used as future taxpayers as the collateral for all the U.S. government bonds that are being used to finance our bloated government. The theory is that Big Government uses this amassed money and leverage to do things in the common good.

In real life, big government uses us to reward friends and punish enemies.

Thus, the headline in the Las Vegas Review-Journal: “Analysis: ‘Red’ states get bigger budget cuts under Obama.”

As Washington has tightened its belt in recent years, the budget cuts have sliced most deeply in states where President Obama is unpopular, according to an analysis of federal spending by Reuters.

Between the 2009 and 2013 fiscal years, funding for a wide swath of discretionary grant programs, from Head Start preschool education to anti drug initiatives, fell by an average of 40 percent in Republican-leaning states like Texas and Mississippi.

By contrast, funding to Democratic-leaning states such as California and politically competitive swing states like Ohio dropped by 25 percent.

Though Congress sets overall spending levels, the Obama administration determines where much of that money ends up. Lawmakers also have curtailed their ability to direct money to their home states when they adopted a ban on spending in 2011 known as “earmarks.”

That has given administration officials more power to steer money to places that might return the favor with votes, said John Hudak, an expert on federal spending at the centrist Brookings Institution who worked with Reuters on the analysis.

“In the context of the Obama administration, swing states and blue states are doing better than red states,” said Hudak, who uncovered similar spending patterns by previous presidents in his book “Presidential Pork.”

“I would suggest these numbers would tell us there is politicization going on,” he said.

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If you are surprised by this, you need to wake up. This is the whole point about big government. Supposedly the government is supposed to represent us. But in fact it uses its power to represent its own interests.

The only thing that will help is to massively reduce the power and scope of government so that people live by private means rather than by political means.