Big Pharma Makes Two Glasses of Wine Into a Disease

How are two glasses of wine related to public healthcare corruption and crony capitalism? While this instance of Big Pharma giving itself a gift through government mandates comes from the other side of the ocean, it gives us an idea of what we can expect from Obamacare.

2 glasses of wine

Here is how the story begins in the Telegraph:

Hundreds of thousands of people drinking half a bottle of wine a night are to be put on the first ever drug to help reduce alcohol consumption, under plans announced by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.

Men drinking three pints of beer and women drinking two large glasses of wine per night and who do not cut down within two weeks should be prescribed a new drug, Nice has said.

There are an estimated 750,000 people in the UK who would be eligible for nalmefene who show no overt symptoms associated with their drinking.

The plans mean GPs will actively ask patients about their alcohol consumption even when they see them for unrelated health matters such as low mood, inability to sleep, diabetes and high blood pressure.

The drug, which costs £3 per tablet, is taken when people feel the urge to have a drink and stops them from wanting more than one.

Do the math. 750,000 people who need at least one tablet a night to not drink that second glass of wine will add up to a potentially huge amount of money going every year into the pockets of the makers of nalmefene.

The news story estimates that it will cost £288 million every year. That is the equivalent to over $465,062,000.

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Someone will be making a lot of money.

It must be great to make up a new disease. Then you can get the government to dictate that doctors act as your sales force all over the nation. They recruit your customers and the government pays for the product that you sell them. Your customers get it for “free.”

No wonder CEOs and others love public healthcare!