Bill Clinton Lectures Obama On Honoring Commitments: Nation Drowns In The Irony

Newser reports:

President Obama has apologized for his false promise that anyone who liked their health plan could keep it under ObamaCare, but Bill Clinton thinks he should go one better: Honor the promise. Here’s the quote he gave to new website that’s getting attention:

“I personally believe, even if it takes a change to the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got.”

I’m glad that President Clinton spoke up since we all know that he has set an example before the nation in being a man of his word and always telling the truth. I’m sure President Obama will want to listen with respect to what the former President has to say on the issue of personal integrity.

Newser’s summary makes it sound as if Bill Clinton was just being strange. Much of the the story takes the same tact:

On issues ranging from the debt ceiling fight to Syria to rhetoric towards the rich, Clinton has parted company with the White House party line — often at crucial times that leave the current president in a tough spot and exacerbate tensions that date back to the 2008 campaign.

OK, but why? Why did he choose to part from the party line now?

Buried on the second page finally raises the possibility:

Aides to Hillary Clinton did not respond to a request for comment about whether Bill Clinton’s views reflect her own.

They come at a time when it seems increasingly likely that Hillary Clinton, who’s said she’s considering running for president in 2016, will have to open up some daylight with Obama on specific issues.

It’s not at all clear that Bill Clinton was being wily — if anything, most people interpreted it as the latest instance of the former president freelancing on issues, something he’d mostly foregone during her years at the State Department.

And few Democrats believe the remarks will put fresh pressure on Hillary Clinton herself to give her own views — if anything, they provide distance for her from Obama on the issue. And the comments also give cover to congressional Democrats who are running in difficult races next year, with Republicans drilling down on Obamacare as an issue.

I don’t know why the story is so skeptical that Bill Clinton was being strategic in what he said. We know he wants Hillary in the White House and we know Obama’s unpopularity is going to hurt her.

Bill Clinton has now entered into the record evidence that Hillary can use to distance herself from Barack Obama’s legacy. She can say that she wanted to allow people to keep their insurance. She can also run as the person with the know-how to “fix” whatever is wrong with Obamacare.

Conservatives need to be careful. Every time we see Democrats criticize Obama we need to remember that they want to win the White House in 2016.