Bill de Blasio’s Driving: Our Elites Expect Us To Cower & Comply While They Do As They Please

Bob Allen’s post on the dangers jaywalking in Austin, TX reminded me of this post I wrote about the danger of jaywalking in Bill de Blasio’s New York City. I sent it to Bob and he promptly showed me this story: “CBS 2 Exclusive: De Blasio’s Caravan Caught Speeding, Violating Traffic Laws.”

As CBS 2′s Marcia Kramer reported Thursday, the mayor’s two-car caravan was seen speeding, blowing through stop signs, and violating other traffic laws. Kramer reported that if the driver of the lead car, which carried the mayor in its passenger seat, had been cited, he would have racked up enough points to get his license suspended.

When the mayor announced his 62-point safe streets initiative, which includes lowering the speed limit to 25 mph, he said, “We want the public to know that we are holding ourselves to this standard.”

But Kramer reported the mayor failed to practice what he preached Thursday.

CBS 2 crews found Mayor de Blasio’s cars going through a stop sign at a Queens intersection, and that wasn’t the only traffic violation caught on tape.

The safety violations came just two days after the mayor unveiled his traffic safety plan.

“We’ve put a very bold plan before you, and we want the public to know we are holding ourselves to this standard,” de Blasio said Tuesday.

Bob commented:

What I love most is when the official excuse doesn’t even match what was done. The spokesman talked about the trailing vehicles being allowed to run stop signs to stay with the lead vehicle, but this report showed that the lead vehicle ran the sign, too.

In addition, you have the statement about “keeping up with the flow of traffic”… simply put, exercising prudence in driving, no matter what the law says. Yeah… let’s see anyone else get away with using their brain, instead of slavishly obeying the law.

But that’s the point, right? No one else should be permitted to get away with using their brain because they are not allowed to think. They are the slave class.

Like John Kerry’s gargantuan “carbon footprint” when he lectures us on global warming, Bill de Blassio’s behavior is not hypocritical at all. Yes, he did say that he would hold himself and his cronies to the same standard, but that wasn’t hypocrisy. That was lying. We don’t accuse people engaging in fraud or other deceptive tactics of “hypocrisy,” and there is no reason to make that accusation against de Blasio.

Watch the video. Notice how sincere he sounds. How humble. Would someone like that forget to tell his drivers to obey the law? Would he not notice being illegally parked and blocking pedestrians?

No. Someone like that would notice the speeding, etc. But de Blasio is nothing like that. He was just pretending. That’s what he does. It is also how he won the election. The entire point of de Blasio’s “New York is two cities” rhetoric was to win votes so that he could live in and even rule the richer city. The only equality de Blasio is interested in is making sure that no member of the slave class grows too big. He wants us all to be equal with each other and equally submissive to him and his cohorts.

The personal flaw on display here is not hypocrisy but hubris. Pride or arrogance. De Blasio thought that the news media would never dare rat him out.