Bill Mahar: Hundreds of Millions of Muslims Approve Paris Killings

Why are the remarks of Bill Mahar even considered controversial?

Bill Mahar

I actually wonder if “hundreds of millions” is too high a number. But it is definitely in the millions and even tens of millions. Maybe he is right.

Mahar, being an atheist, insults all religions in the video. Being a liberal he also displays a suffocating self-righteousness that is at least as bad as displayed by the worst religious believer. But the bad words are bleeped out:

Raw Story reports:

The comedian and talk show host appeared Wednesday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he addressed the murders of 12 people at the Paris offices of “Charlie Hebdo.”

“This has to stop, and unfortunately, a lot of the liberals, who are my tribe — I am a proud liberal,” Maher said.

“He’s about to turn on you,” Kimmel said.

“No, I’m not turning on them,” Maher said. “I’m asking them to turn toward the truth as I have been for quite a while. I’m the liberal in this debate. I’m for free speech. To be a liberal, you have to stand up for liberal principles. It’s not my fault that the part of the world that is most against liberal principles is the Muslim part of the world.”

Maher claimed the attacks were supported by mainstream Muslims throughout the world.

“I know most Muslim people would not have carried out an attack like this, but here’s the important point,” he said. “Hundreds of millions of them support an attack like this, they applaud an attack like this. What they say is, we don’t approve of violence, but you know what, when you make fun of the prophet, all bets are off.”

He said American liberals turned a blind eye to Muslim extremism.

“They chop heads off in the square in Mecca,” Maher said. “Well, Mecca is their Vatican City. If they were chopping the heads off of Catholic gay people, wouldn’t there be a bigger outcry among liberals? I’d ask you.”

I don’t really like Bill Mahar because, not only do I not agree with him (it is always tempting to dislike people you disagree with) but he doesn’t seem capable of offering rational discussion about his world view. He just mocks. There are intelligent atheists out there who are far more worth interacting with.

What I find weird is that, when it comes to Islam, Mahar does seem to offer some commonsense reasoning. Yet this is what the media considers controversial.

Mahar’s comparison of the Vatican to Mecca and the beheadings could actually be made more strongly. The fact is that Liberals often get more upset at the Pope for far less opposition to homosexuality and ignoring what goes on in Saudi Arabia. It also applies to foreign policy, where we somehow condemn Russia for imposing prison sentences related to child seduction while remaining allies with a country that beheads homosexuals.

Mahar may claim to be against such insane priorities, but they are obviously held by many liberals. Liberal politicians act on them all the time. Just like Mahar doesn’t believe that Muslims who truly oppose murdering cartoonists disprove that Islam promotes such a tolerance, don’t we have reason to believe that Liberalism is about something other than what he says when so many display different behavior?