Is There A “Birther” Reference In This Lame Attempt To Push Obamacare On Millennials?

The new effort to get parents to promote Obamacare to their young adult children over Christmas is pretty obviously another act of desperation. That is, in itself, good news. Obamacare is failing. And if Millennials didn’t like him before, this will only increase their disapproval.

But something seems weird to me about this video. One of the things I noticed as I watched it unfold is that the young man simply did not look much like his parents. I’ve seen shows and commercials do much better at selecting actors to play child and parents.

Then at the very end we get the very last punchline.

The mother says, “Uncle Bert? Not your uncle.” And then the dad winks.

Am I the only one who thought the natural implication was that Bert is the man’s real father?

Am I just imagining a “birth certificate conspiracy” in this? There are some who speculate that Frank Mashall Davis is Obama’s true father. I don’t know of any evidence for this other than the physical resemblance, their acquaintance during Obama’s childhood, and just the need to explain the missing birth certificate. I’m not advocating the position on the basis of that (lack of) evidence. But it is a theory that is floating around on the internet. And I have to wonder if it is being alluded to (mocked?) in this video.

All I can say for sure is that I think this video is more likely to induce viewers to speculate about a “birther” reference than to make anyone change their minds about Obamacare.

And it isn’t going to do a thing to “bring back” millennials.

Remember the 2012 campaign? Young idiots didn’t have to be asked, they freely recruited for Obama. Joss Whedon was happy to propagandize Buffy fans. Katy Dunham did her odious “first time” video.

I don’t see that kind of volunteer recruitment effort anymore. The people who were excited about Obama in 2012 don’t seem to have anything to say. Instead, we just see stuff produced that is obviously desperate. Trying to get people to “talk about” Obamacare reminds me of the attempt to get people to hold a Windows 7 party. In other words: it seems lame.