Black Lies Matter More Than Truth on Ferguson Anniversary

And here we go again with another state of emergency in Ferguson, Missouri.

In case you have blessedly forgotten what all the fuss was about, Ferguson was the scene a year ago of the shooting of black teen Michael Brown by a white police officer, what’s-his-face.

I don’t say that to be disrespectful to Officer Darren Wilson, who has had his life ruined for doing the right thing. But the majority of the media stories on the anniversary of that shooting focus on Brown and seem to have forgotten the other face of the Ferguson shooting.

A year later, there are still idiots running around, encouraged by the leftist media, thinking that Brown was a cuddly, gentle giant looking forward to starting school at a local community college when Wilson, dressed in blood-stained chainmail and riding a fire-breathing horse, swooped in out of nowhere, ordered Brown to his knees and opened fire with automatic weapons.

In this version, Brown was on the ground begging for his life, crying, “Hands up; don’t shoot” when Wilson shot him for no reason.

The truth is that Brown was a violent thug who had just robbed a store and who assaulted Wilson inside his police car, trying to steal his gun. Wilson managed to fight him off, and as the bear-like Brown loped away, the battered and bloody Wilson ordered him to stop.

Instead of complying like a sane person would, Brown turned around and charged Wilson, apparently looking to dish out a second whuppin’ on a white officer. Wilson, understandably fearing for his safety, shot and killed Brown in an open and shut, clear case of self-defense.

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So naturally, Wilson a year later can no longer work in law enforcement; he has had to move to a nondescript home under an assumed name; and he has to live with tight home security due to the number of death threats he has received.

Even though he was exonerated of wrongdoing twice, including by the federal Department of Justice, he has become the symbol of alleged police racism against blacks.

Meanwhile, the well-paid professional agitators who have been stirring the racial pot in Ferguson and other cities for the past year are still portraying Brown as the cherubic victim of an oppressive system.

Part of the blame lies with the same DOJ that found Wilson innocent. It issued a second report that alleged all manner of racist activities and bias going on in the Ferguson police department and courts.

A year after the DOJ butted into Ferguson, another state of emergency was declared in the midst of more rioting-slash-demonstrating after plainclothes police officers shot and critically wounded a black teen who they said was shooting at them.

The White House, of course, has told protesters to just settle down, follow the rule of law and stop terrorizing the residents of Ferguson.


President Obama told the United Nations that Ferguson represented America’s failings and inherent racism. Then after the DOJ found Wilson innocent, he groused that some Americans — meaning himself — disagreed with that finding and were “understandably” angry.

Why? Not because of the facts, but because Obama and others like him bitterly cling to the false and tired narrative that America is racist.

Wilson may have been innocent, but in Obama’s view, America is guilty.

Like every opinion expressed by our chameleon president, it’s questionable whether he really means it or if he’s just stirring the pot for political advantage, or both.

The spontaneous initial violence in Ferguson trickled up to the White House, was amplified by the president and with money from some of the Left’s wealthiest political contributors, then channeled back into the streets of Ferguson.

It’s almost like two metal plates in a capacitor that runs on ignorance, lies and hatred instead of electricity.

If Obama had an American hometown, it would look like Ferguson.