Black Man Gets Eight Years for Exercising Second Amendment in Self Defense

He’s just another black man in an orange jump suit now so no one cares about his life being destroyed by criminal Feds.

This story is so enraging.

Bonnie Kristian writes at “This man’s life was ruined because federal drug agents stormed his house unannounced.”

Joel Robinson of Orangeburg, South Carolina, was home alone one morning in October of 2014. It was 6 a.m.—still dark out—when suddenly a group of men burst onto the property, armed and yelling. Alarmed and assuming he was experiencing a home invasion, Robinson grabbed his gun and fled out the back door. As he ran to safety, he shot one of the men he thought was a burglar in the arm.

It was then that Robinson realized that the home invaders were actually federal agents, officers of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) who were executing a search warrant on his home on the suspicion that he’d been manufacturing the drug PCP. Robinson, who had never shot anyone before, immediately dropped his weapon and was arrested.

Seems like a simple case of self-defense, right? Robinson had no way to initially know that the men storming his house were federal agents; he didn’t kill anyone; and as soon as he understood what was happening, he gave up his gun.

Unfortunately, the DEA and the local justice system thought otherwise: Because even accidentally shooting a federal agent counts as assault, Robinson was hit with a whole host of charges—enough to get him a life sentence if convicted for all of them.

The Feds, of course, insisted, that Robinson deliberately and knowingly opened fire on Federal agents and then changed his mind and decided to surrender and trust that, having attacked them, they would not shoot him down.

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How likely is that? Isn’t his story that he was surprised awake and scared by armed intruders completely consistent with his behavior?

Then we get this insufferable, self-righteous posturing reported in The State:

Just before U.S. Judge Michelle Childs passed sentence on Joel Robinson, 33, the the Drug Enforcement Administration agent Robinson shot told the judge there was no excuse for Robinson’s shooting him and that he almost lost his life.

“Two inches higher, it would have been a head shot. Two inches lower, it could have gone under my (bulletproof) vest,” said Agent Barry Wilson, a 17-year law enforcement veteran.

Some nine months after Robinson shot him in the arm, breaking his elbow and forearm, Wilson has racked up $82,158 in medical bills, has nerve damage and might need another operation. The total is apparently covered by government medical and disability insurance, but Robinson has been ordered to repay that amount to the insurer as restitution.

Right, when you attack a man in his home, waking him up in the dark, you should be completely safe and never expect any consequences. Obviously, Robinson is scum and Wilson is a wounded hero.

Yes, drugs are dangerous. So are baseless police raids.

It turns out that, even if Robinson is guilty of something related to drugs (and since that has never been proven at trial we really don’t know), the Feds were completely wrong on the alleged basis for their raid.

At Monday’s hearing, a prosecutor told the judge that evidence against Robinson now indicates he played “a limited role” in any drug scheme, just using his property to store illegal chemicals.

No drugs were found in Robinson’s house.

Again, this would be criminal but we have nothing but the prosecutor’s word. There was no trial over such charges.

Kristian points out that the Fed’s raid broke the law:

They weren’t even following their own protocol. “There’s a statute that requires you to knock and announce, and give the person an opportunity to come to the door and answer, and they didn’t do that,” explained one of Robinson’s defense attorneys. If they had, it’s not hard to imagine Robinson’s response would have been very different indeed.

But no one is going to enforce that statute, even though the breaking of it has destroyed Robinson’s life.

There really is a God and he really does see and remember all injustice. I hope these Feds realize that truth while there is still time for them.