Black “White” Family Suing Disneyland

The black White family is suing Disneyland for racial discrimination. Apparently, their five-year-old son was attempting to hug the Donald Duck character, but the cantankerous fowl kept avoiding him and paying attention to other children instead: white children.

This is the second family that has brought accusations against Disney because of the (alleged) discriminatory actions of its costumed employees. Even if there were truth in the accusations, Disney is not going to immediately admit it. They’re going to fight it as hard as they can until they’re able to lose as little money as possible through a private settlement.

This is understandable. We live in such a litigious society. It ultimately is not Disney’s fault if one of their employees is a racist and acts like one on the job. If Disney refused to hire a racist for his personal views, I imagine he could sue them for discrimination as well. Honestly, this situation isn’t that complicated intrinsically. It’s just been made complicated by greed.

If the same employee is consistently complained about for racial discrimination, you should fire him because he hasn’t fulfilled his job description (which is to try to visit with all the children equally). And that should be the end of it. If not, you do what Disney in fact already did: you give people free passes and say you’re sorry their experience wasn’t everything they hoped it would be. And that too should be the end of it.

But such reasonable actions can’t occur. Because Disney has a lot of money, so, naturally, they should pay more for the indiscretion of their employees. From each according to their ability, and all that. Would you even bother suing Chuck E. Cheese? I don’t know. Probably wouldn’t have the same number of salivating lawyers lined up at your door.

On a side note, when I went to Disneyworld, visiting with the characters was a free-for-all, and I thought the characters discriminated against me. They tended to pay more attention to babies and girls. So… this may not have even been a race thing at all. I guess not everything is so black and white.