Blacks, Marijuana, And Multiculturalism

I would like to criticize my neighbor, who, despite the fact that he’s a father to two toddlers, smokes pot. It’s important to note that he is black, and for that reason, liberals tell me, I can’t criticize his drug use; it’s part of the black culture, they say (which makes me want to ask, “What is? Marijuana, or breaking the law?”).

There are numerous nauseating writings on the inherent so-called racism of drug laws because they mostly affect black people (here’s one). Much like how anti-cannibalism laws mostly affect cannibals, and, so that we don’t offend cannibals or come across as anti-cannibal, we should legalize cannibalism. So it sounds when liberals make the “drug laws are racist” claims.

Even if getting high and sitting lazily on the couch is a “black thing,” so what? That doesn’t immunize it from criticism. Not all cultures are good cultures, despite what the anti-white, multi-cultists teach.

Human sacrifice was a significant part of the Aztec culture, and the Igbo people of Nigeria, still, to this day, engage in human sacrifice. Can we criticize these cultures?

The Hausa people of Niger and Nigeria betroth two-year-old girls to suitors and force the ten-year-old girls into marriage and, in some cases, pregnancy. They also, I’ve heard, force the women to stay in the basement all day, only permitting their emergence at night, so that other men can’t see them. Can we criticize that culture?

China today has a wonderful abortion culture that is the stuff of Planned Parenthood employees’ dreams, and an anti-woman culture that is the stuff of Bill Clinton’s and any given male Kennedy’s dreams. Can we criticize that culture? (Apparently not; as Vice President Biden said, he “fully understand[s]” and doesn’t “second-guess” this policy.)

Amusingly, many of the liberals who say there are no “bad” cultures are the same ones who admit that while the human-rights abuses of Iran are abominable, they are not a part of Islam, but merely of the culture in that region. But you won’t get many of them to then admit that some cultures are abominable. They twist and squirm to avoid making such a logical conclusion.

The one exception to the rule—the singular exception—is liberals’ attitude toward any culture that is deemed a “white thing.” For example, a month ago a Phoenix, Arizona, high school held a Redneck Day, which offended liberals and black people because students celebrated Southern culture, largely viewed as anti-black despite the large quantities of fried chicken and cornbread consumed by the South. School administrators received complaints from students and parents—not from whites southerners offended at the stereotypes being represented that day, but by blacks and liberals, who hate the “redneck” culture and don’t want it celebrated at all.

Whether weed is a part of black culture or not, I am still going to criticize any parent who, while being responsible for the safety of children, likes to get high. I don’t care if my neighbor is black; his culture could cost his kids their lives in an emergency. Now can we criticize that culture?