Blacks Supporting Amnesty for Illegals Are Hurting Blacks

I still find it mind boggling to see so many black Americans pledge their support to the Democratic Party.  Since before the Civil War, Democrats have always supported slavery and the oppression of freed slaves.  For over 150 years, Democrats have done everything in their power to suppress and segregate blacks.  Former President Lyndon B. Johnson was perhaps one of the most racist presidents in American history.

The Republican Party has always championed the freeing of slaves and giving blacks equal opportunities in all aspects of life.  The first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves.  Many Republicans worked to help get thousands of them on their feet, get jobs and become productive members of society.

Yet today, millions of blacks practically worship the Democratic Party and this was before a half-white, half-black was illegally voted into the White House.  Now, many black Democrats are pushing for the immigration reform bill, which will give amnesty to 11 million illegals AND to allow 1 million more illegals into the country each year.

With one out of every seven blacks in America out of a job, why would they be pushing so hard to allow millions more people into the country to take more jobs away from them?  It defies all logic!

At least some more conservative blacks realize just what amnesty will do to the employment opportunities of black America.  Leah Durant, Founder of Black American Leadership Alliance says that millions of illegals in the country already have helped to keep wages down and make it even harder for many blacks, especially men, to find jobs.  She told OneNewsNow:

“When you’ve got one in seven blacks who are unemployed and 22 million Americans are out of work, adding an additional 11 to 20 million laborers into the U.S. labor force probably will not be a good thing for most workers.”

Many blacks and religious leaders are saying that giving amnesty to the millions of illegals is the Christian thing to do.  Gary Bauer, President of American Values disagrees, saying:

“But to suggest that this is a call for government using the power of the law to take money away from hard-earning American taxpayers, and distribute it to newly legalized illegal immigrants, I find no biblical case for that at all.”

“It makes no sense to dump several million more competitors for those jobs into the job market, and I don’t think that’s compassionate, and I don’t think it’s particularly Christian.”

“I think it’s important for believers to call their elected officials, their congressmen and their senators, and say I want to tell you as a believer the organizations claiming to speak for me on this issue are not speaking for me.”

Even though House Speaker John Boehner continues to say that the House will not approve the Senate immigration bill with the current road to amnesty, Durant said:

“Yes, it’s a wonderful statement, but we know that our elected officials are going to be under an immense amount of pressure to put forth some kind of amnesty program.”

Too many of today’s blacks are so blinded by their racism that they fail to see what their Democratic leaders are doing to them.  Democrats continue to work to keep blacks from getting jobs and pulling them out of poverty and government subsidence.  The amnesty portion of the immigration bill will only help to make it harder for America’s blacks and keep them enslaved by the very people they look to for their freedom.