Bobby Jindal is Nothing Like Hillary Clinton

Bobby Jindal doesn’t want to let reporters read all his email correspondence. Why should he?

The Associated Press obviously wants us to think that Bobby Jindal is a hypocrite: “Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal won’t release emails from 2 terms in office, citing exemptions.”

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s office refused Friday to release any of the Republican governor’s emails from his two terms, saying the messages are either protected from disclosure under state law or personal in nature.

The Associated Press filed a public records request seeking the documents from the governor, who is considering a presidential campaign. In a response, Jindal’s chief lawyer, Thomas Enright, said he found “no records responsive” to the request since the governor entered office in 2008.

Louisiana law gives the governor broad exemptions from having to disclose records, including exemptions for decision-making discussions, communication with internal staff, security information and his schedule.

Enright cited those exemptions in the refusal to provide emails, saying Jindal doesn’t use email for work outside of communicating with internal staff.

“Aside from email communications with internal staff and emails with family, friends and personal business, Governor Jindal discusses, debates and resolves issues relating to official duties either face-to-face or on the telephone,” wrote Enright, the governor’s executive counsel.

The context of these claims is, partially, that Hillary Clinton “has faced widespread scrutiny for conducting State Department business from a private email account.”

Yes because what she did was illegal. Period. She knew the law and she exempted herself from it. Furthermore, her private server was used to evade legal FOIA requests.

There simply is no comparison. There was no law in place compelling Jindal to release private information.

However, another part of the report is more troubling:

When running for office, Jindal campaigned on the need for more transparency in a state with a reputation for political corruption. But under his watch, more state agencies have been claiming their records can be kept secret.

This was probably not intentional on Jindal’s part, but it doesn’t look good.