Boehner Punishes Republicans for Opposing Secret Obamatrade

Two hundred mainstream GOP Congressmen cheer as Boehner punishes Republicans who opposed giving special unilateral trade authority to Barack Obama.

It used to be a total mystery to me how Germany could produce the Nazi regime so quickly, and with such lethal outcomes. How could the German people allow—even participating through election—the rise of such a vicious regime? They had the catalyst of WWI; all the United States required was a single attack on 9-11.

I no longer wonder at all. I’m watching a similar unveiling, and feel the tension of contemplating the possible outcomes of an even more powerful empire being put in the hands of depraved men without conscience.

Thus, The Hill reports, “Boehner doles out new punishment.”

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and his allies are charging ahead with their effort to punish conservatives who have been a thorn in leadership’s side — a purge that is roiling the GOP conference.

The latest victim is Colorado Rep. Ken Buck, who could be stripped of his title as GOP freshman class president on Thursday morning.

Boehner allies have been retaliating against rank-and-file members who voted against a procedural motion earlier this month, nearly derailing a major trade package favored by Republican leaders that is set to clear the House on Thursday.

While the Speaker has lashed out at conservative rebels before, the latest intraparty purge has been particularly aggressive, this time targeting members of the new, conservative House Freedom Caucus who voted against the rule.

Three members of that caucus have been booted from the whip team, and another was stripped of his subcommittee gavel. Buck, meanwhile, faces being ousted as head of the freshman class just months after being elected to that position by his peers.

“It’s clear that leadership has decided there’s going to be retaliation,” he told reporters in the Speaker’s lobby just off the House floor.

But GOP lawmakers and aides close to leadership contend the political payback is being divvied out at the behest of the Republican Conference.

Roughly 200 Republicans believe the retaliation is completely appropriate, they say, and many have reportedly been privately imploring Boehner’s team to take more aggressive actions like stripping the rebels of gavels, denying them travel, halting campaign cash and blocking their bills from the floor.

Liberty produces authentic tolerance, and a respect for differing opinions. Tyranny will not countenance dissent. Today we see political ruthlessness. Tomorrow, it will progress to jailings, “accidental” deaths, and bold assassinations.

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If you think I’m nuts, I sincerely suggest you need to immerse yourself in accurate sociology and moral philosophy. The events of the surface betray the evil boiling underneath… and that wickedness does not stop here; it metastasizes. As Jesus said, hatred is the seed of murder.

We have two exceedingly malignant diseases spreading—one starts with a D, the other with an R. George Washington was dead-on right in so many ways in his “Farewell Address”—which for a very long time was required reading in our schools! Read it, and you’ll see why that is no longer the case.

Pray for an awakening. Pray hard.