Bombing Iraq: Did You Hear the One About How U.S. Intervention Saves Live?

So we are now back, bombing Iraq, targeting a new/old enemy?

On the level of God’s rule of history, this may be His answer to the prayers of the Christians being tortured, abused, exiled, and murdered by the Islamic state in Northern Iraq. I invite you to join me in praying to God that the Christians and also all innocent civilians are rescued from these disgusting butchers. (This includes a prayer that somehow God give miraculous selectivity to the bombs and missiles so that civilians are not killed while psychopaths are.)

So God may bring good out of this intervention.

But that is not the same question as: Is intervention a rational or Constitutional policy?

I saw breathless news footage this morning about how the U.S. had to intervene to save lives. President Barack Obama was forced to act for humanitarian reasons.

But haven’t we heard this before during the Obama Administration.

Wasn’t Muammar Gaddafi about to exterminate thousands of civilians with his mercenaries to oppose the freedom fighters who wanted liberation from his tyranny? Didn’t we have to intervene in order to save lives? Wasn’t Barack Obama forced to start bombing Libya for humanitarian reasons.

How did that work out?

Then we were told that Bashar Al-Assad was murdering “his own people” and that he must be removed from government for the good of the Syrian people. Since he wasn’t willing to step down on his own, it was our humanitarian duty to support Al Qaeda-related Jihadists and mercenaries “freedom fighters” to torture and exterminate Christians and other Syrian religious minorities wherever they could gain the power to do so.

And these same terrorists are now in Iraq where they are bringing the same death and destruction to Christians.

Again, maybe these bombs will provide some needed relief to Christians. I will pray accordingly. But, humanly speaking, our “humanitarian interventions” are highly selective (we simply ignore humanitarian crises that don’t matter to us) and lead into worse situations time and again. The current crisis is a direct result of our interfering in Syria to “solve” a crisis.

And as the American war machine sputters back into high gear, this can only mean the further empowerment and growth of unconstitutional big government at home.

Like the Bostonians cheering “U.S.A.” when they had been subjected to a police state manhunt, if this intervention is not obviously disastrous right away, there will be a lot of “patriotic” grandstanding about it. But it will be a further manifestation of God’s judgment on this nation—giving us over to a self-constructed yoke of slavery.

We will be boasting in our self-destruction as a nation.