Book Admits Babies are Removed Alive from the Womb and Used for Research before They are Killed

Though the videos are censored, we already have evidence that babies are removed alive from the womb for human experimentation.

Last Thursday I published about documented experiments on live babies that were accepted by the Medical establishment back in the seventies and later. The blog author who wrote about the experiments and translated the medical jargon is Stacy Trasancos. Trasancos also has an open Facebook profile. Recently she posted a couple of images with this comment:

This book has a chapter titled “Ensuring a Stillborn.” Disturbing reading, but you have to get into the mind of the opponents to find out what they say when they think you aren’t paying attention…and look what we find. Live fetuses for research. (Book is from 1995. I only paid $0.01 + shipping.)

The book, as you can see from the image below, is entitled “Reproduction, Ethics, and the Law: Feminist Perspectives.”

reproduction ethics law feminist

The other image is from a page of the book. The complete paragraph in the middle of the image reads:

Dr. Warren Hern has pointed out to me that a number of practitioners attempt to ensure live fetuses after late abortions so that genetic tests can be conducted on them. It is his position (and I concur) that practitioners who do this without offering a woman the option of fetal demise before abortion act in a morally unacceptable manner, since they place research before the good of their patients. This view, then, sets a presumption in favor of ensuring fetal demise before a late abortion, a presumption which can be overcome only by a woman’s informed willingness to assume the additional risks that attend attempting to ensure a live abortus through the procedure.

So when you wondered why Barack Obama wanted to oppose a law protecting babies who survived abortion and were born alive, it wasn’t because those are always accidents and the abortion industry is embarrassed by such survivors. That’s only part of the story.

Here it is openly admitted in 1995. What are “live fetuses after late abortions”? Babies. They are full-term or almost full-term babies who could easily live. What is “a live abortus”? A baby. The term “abortion” in this paragraph only refers to removing the baby from the mother’s womb. It doesn’t refer to the killing of the baby per se because the baby is used for science research.

page of book

These people are Nazis.

It is important to remember the explanation David Daleiden gave for why StemExpress went to court to censor his video (and why they tried to censor him talking about it). He claimed they admitted to getting “fully intact fetuses.” In other words, they buy and use whole dead babies.

Were these babies dead from the abortion or after it?