Boston Bombers Had Illegal Guns But Legal Pressure Cookers Gun Permits

This is rich. “A Massachusetts police official says the brothers suspected of bombing the Boston Marathon before having shootouts with authorities didn’t have gun permits.”

Wow! What a surprise. Their illegal possession of guns didn’t stop these two men from getting guns illegally and using them to kill MIT campus cop Sean Collier. If they had more opportunity, they most likely would have killed more people. Criminals don’t care about laws.

Here’s what we know. The two alleged bombers killed and maimed people at the finish line of the Boston Marathon using devices that contained legal substances. The criminality of the bombing was in the act not in the materials used.

All the gun laws in the world, including confiscation, will not stop some people from getting and using guns and using them in an illegal way. In fact, it won’t stop them from using any means to kill if they really want to. People have used automobiles to kill. The same is true for baseball bats, knives, bow and arrows, and bare hands. And as we saw in Boston on April 15th, pressure cookers, nails, and ball bearings.

Consider baseball bats:

“Bats, both wooden and metal, are extremely popular because under the law, they are not a weapon but a recreational tool, law enforcement officials say. Drug dealers and jealous lovers in Pennsylvania know that if they use bats, they will not be treated as severely by the judicial system as if they had used a gun, which carries a five-year mandatory sentence.”

If someone wants to kill people, he will find a way to do it regardless of what the law demands. Nearly 200 people each year are killed with knives. Clubs and hammers add another 500. Hands, fists, and feet result in the deaths of nearly 800.

Hand guns account for the most deaths. The new gun bill did not cover hand guns. The number of handgun deaths has dropped considerably since 2006, from 7836 to 6009 in 2010. Many of these deaths are concentrated in large cities like Chicago and Washington, DC, that have strict gun control laws:

“Gun and overall homicides in Washington, D.C. are concentrated in crime hot spots located in neighborhoods (including Shaw, Sursum Corda, Trinidad, Anacostia, and Congress Heights) with socio-economic disadvantage, while homicide is rare in other neighborhoods.”

Our nation’s capital has the highest gun murder rate per capita in the nation — 31.2 per 100,000. The problem isn’t with guns but with people.