Boy Scout Exodus Has Begun

Last week, the executive board of Boy Scouts of America voted to allow openly gay kids into their programs, thus compromising their long standing set of Christian morals and values.  When I heard about their vote, it saddened me to see them succumb to the pressures of a debauched society.

In my report last week about their compromise, I predicted that a number of church sponsored Boy Scout programs would be ended the same way it happened in Canada when they allowed the gays to go camping with them.  Well, it seems the exodus has begun.

Southeast Christian Church first opened its doors in 1962 with 53 charter members in Louisville, KY.  It has an average weekly attendance of 22,000 and a membership of over 30,000.  It is the largest church in Kentucky and fifth largest in the United States.

The church’s board of elders just voted to not renew their charter with Boy Scout Troop 212.  Their decision wasn’t completely based upon the Boy Scouts’ vote to accept gays into their midst.  In fact the church had notified the Boy Scouts earlier this year that they would not renew the charter for 2014.

When the issue of gays in the scouts first came up as a national issue, Southeast Christian Church began discussing the possibility of removing itself from the Boy Scouts so as not to be caught up in the debate.  According to Tim Hester, Executive Pastor:

“Truly for us it’s a logical decision.  We cannot be distracted from the mission God has called us to.”

“We want everyone, including ourselves, to live by biblical standards.”

The Boy Scout council that oversees the scouting in the Louisville area is the Lincoln Heritage Council.  The council’s Chief Executive, Barry Oxley, said they are trying to find someone to take on the sponsorship of Troop 212 and its affiliate Cub Scout Pack.  Over 300 families are involved with Troop and Pack 212.

To be honest, I hope that thousands of other churches would follow Southeast Christian’s lead and withdraw their charter associations with the Boy Scouts.  Canada lost half of its scouts due to their decision to admit gays and I hope that the Boy Scouts of America see an even greater loss of numbers.