Boy Scouts Will Now Hire Homosexual Males

The current Boy Scout leaders are cowards and a growing number of parents don’t want their boys to be influenced by them.

We knew this was coming to the Boy Scouts.

The Washington Post version of the story tries to spin the facts into fictions from the start:

The Boy Scouts of America, facing litigation, shrinking membership and sweeping acceptance of gay rights, voted Monday to lift its ban on openly gay troop leaders and employees.

I’m sure there is plenty of litigation. Litigation is everything to Liberals.

“Sweeping acceptance of gay rights”? No, just a sweeping court decision. Several polls show that there is sweeping concern about the moral direction of the country and for the First Amendment to be practiced and enforced.

“Shrinking membership.” Why? Does the writer expect us to believe that the shrinking membership is due to the policy of not hiring homosexuals or allowing homosexual leaders?

That is wishful thinking for Liberals.

The bottom line is that people are fleeing the Boy Scouts because they know they are led by cowards who will happily calculate that sacrificing a few more children to anal rape or other sexual abuse is a worthwhile sacrifice to make to get approval from the media and the pervert judges who will side with plaintiffs.

We all knew this was coming because Robert Gates told us it was coming. No one who paid attention would allow their sons to continue in Boy Scouts.

As MSN reports, Gates has made good on his threat.

The national organization will no longer allow discrimination against its paid workers or at BSA-owned facilities. But local troops and councils will be permitted to decide for themselves whether they will allow openly gay volunteer leaders.

The executive board’s vote was taken at the suggestion of the group’s president, former defense secretary Robert Gates, who noted that the Scouts are facing potential lawsuits by gay adults who were shut out of positions.

The local troops and councils are now on their own. They will be attacked in the courts and each will have to fight for its right to exist for the sake of young men rather than as the playground for older men who are part of a culture that is notorious for an interest in younger sex. Unlike the horrors in the Roman Catholic Church, the media will work overtime to cover up the child abuse issues and divert the public’s attention.

Homosexualists are clear that they will keep pushing until they gain, uh, access to the Boy Scouts.

Gay equality advocates praised the measure as a start.

“This was a very important and difficult change for such an organization,” said Josh Schiller, an attorney representing Yasmin Cassini, a lesbian in Colorado who was hired to run a Scout center but then lost the job when she came out. Schiller is working pro bono with other high-profile lawyers to fight the Scout ban. “I definitely think it’s the beginning of building inclusive programs…It’s halfway where we want to be.

The bottom line is that the national leadership has sealed the death of the Boy Scouts.

The best thing that could happen is that the councils should simply disband as public entities. The curriculum of the pre-gay Boy Scouts should be used by Church groups or other religious groups, if there are volunteers who think it is useful for helping boys become men. But it has to go underground. The lawyers, the judges, the reporters, and the “activists” have the upper hand and there is no way to preserve the Boy Scouts as an organization in my opinion.

If someone else can think of a better strategy, I’d love to hear it.