The Brain Dead Way To Hate McDonald’s

Every once in a while (or perhaps many times every day!) you see a news story that shows you that people are not using their cognitive capacity to analyze an issue. More importantly, it shows us they are not expected to do so.

Thus, NBC News:

Fast-food giant McDonald’s has committed another employee advice blunder, listing pricey suggestions for tipping au pairs, personal fitness trainers and pool cleaners on its worker resource website.


The tipping guide from etiquette maven Emily Post on McDonald’s website lists several high-ticket suggestions for givers during the holiday season, including “a gift from your family (or one week’s pay), plus a small gift from your child” for an au pair, “one day’s pay” for a housekeeper and “cost of one cleaning” for a pool cleaner.

The site also lists suggestions for dog walkers, massage therapists and personal fitness trainers.

In an email to CNBC, McDonald’s spokeswoman Lisa McComb said: “This is content provided by a third-party partner and quotes from one of the best-known etiquette gurus, Emily Post. We continue to review the resource and will ask the vendor to make changes as needed.”

In some ways, McDonald’s richly deserves the damage this does to them. Throwing some “vendor” at their workers as a pretense for caring is just an obvious ploy. Executives and decision-makers have many concerns in their lives as people with families and responsibilities, and the employees at their franchises are not one of them, other than as a business need to provide PR cover. I’ve already pointed out how their advice is actually damaging (though the Left only blamed them for the good advice they provided). McDonald’s should simply stop providing this kind of window dressing. Corporations, by definition, don’t care about anything. They may be legal “persons,” but they are still impersonal entities engaged in offering a product in exchange for money. Everything else is smoke and mirrors.

But the story is being used to support a narrative that McDonald’s underpays their workers:

This advice comes as fast-food workers from 100 cities across the nation push for $15-an-hour pay, a far cry from the wages most earn, in a mass strike on Thursday.

OK, it is offensive.

But you aren’t going to get a house with a pool even if you are paid $15 an hour. You wouldn’t be able to afford it now if you suddenly got a new job that paid that much. And if you got the increase in minimum wage law then there would be nation-wide price inflation (unless we merely get a wave of bankruptcies) so that those prices will rise even further out of your reach.

If you work at McDonald’s you need to worry about stuff that matters and just ignore the company’s idiotic “Please-don’t-hate-us” PR. You don’t have the time to waste hating or being offended by nonsense. You need to work your hours, search for that second job, and try to figure out how to improve your value so that you can get a higher wage.

In this government-straddled economy that will be hard enough without being petty and shallow about some vendor doing mindless drivel who was hired by some thoughtless corporate suit. If you think about those people at all, it should be to resolve to never be so mindless. And the first step in that direction is to ignore their noise and ignore the people who have no concern about you but who want to use McDonald’s noise to exploit you for their own ends.