Breitbart Warned Fox Will Sabotage Anti-TPP Candidates at Debate

Breibart editors were worried that the pro-Obamatrade debate moderators will try to trip up anti-TPP candidates:

There may be trouble ahead for the top candidates at tonight’s Republican debate, sponsored by Fox Business News and the Wall Street Journal.

Why? There may be a slew of new “gotcha” trade questions posed by the debate’s trio of free-trade favoring moderators, Maria Bartiromo, Neil Cavuto, and Gerard Baker. These free-trade proponents have never seen a so-called free-trade agreement that they weren’t predisposed to back. And they will likely be out to boost the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal announced last week with their lead-in statements and questions.

Don’t believe it? Fox and the WSJ should be friendly to Republican candidates, right? Not necessarily.

Free trade is the religion of the mainstream Republican establishment, backed as it is by large multinational corporations, banks, investment houses, and insurance companies. The moderators will promote the free trade, pro-TPP candidates such as Bush, Rubio, and Kasich, while attempting to make the opponents, Trump, Carson, and Fiorina, look foolish. They will also attempt to smoke out Cruz and Paul, both of whom voted against Obama’s Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) bill last June.

I agree that free trade is a good thing. But the “free trade” of the TPP bill is a scam. And the TPA bill that gave Obama extra authority, taking it away from the Senate, was reprehensible. That candidates like Rubio would vote for the bill without reading it was travesty.

It was all too believable that the Big Money behind the Wall Street Journal and the Fox Network would support Rubio and Bush.

Furthermore, TPP puts an unconstitutional extra-national agency in authority over American trade.

Additionally, does Trump’s answer — that he would sign the trade deal if there were currency disciplines — mean that he has no hesitation to turn over trade policy in perpetuity to the new TPP Commission, an unelected body of international bureaucrats who are not likely to respect the U.S. Constitution or be favorably disposed to America’s national interests? The Commission can alter or adjust TPP rules on the fly, without any input for Congress. How does this Commission square with Trump’s oft-repeated mantra, “If we’re going to have a country” we have to take the appropriate steps.

Outsourcing Congress’s Constitutional responsibility to the new Commission is not a step in the right direction.

So what did you think of the debate last night? Were the moderators even-handed or were they heavily biased?