Bruce Jenner Now Adopts Fake Beauty Standards

Fake beauty standards are wrong for women but OK for men pretending to be women?

Bruce Jenner was born in October of 1949.

With that in mind, I want to remind you of this video that was quite viral back in 2006.

Of course the use of makeup is not that big a deal, but the use of photoshop to enlarge the eyes and lengthen the neck showed a real ability to make the inhuman into an ideal.

This topic comes up regularly. The media encourages and promotes unrealistic body and beauty ideals and presents them to the public. Often, these are supposed to be photographs that portray reality but that have actually been altered in impossible ways.

Because of these influences, women are taught to loathe their real bodies for not living up to illusionary bodies.

And then we get this:

vanity fair jenner

Bruce Jenner says he is a woman. (Sorry, I think pretending “Bruce” is necessarily a boy’s name is completely gender oppressive. If Bruce can be a woman then his name can be a women’s name. I’m not calling him Caitlyn.)

But how many sixty-five-year-old women have ever looked like that?

The preview article keeps referring to the photographer. But the real question is who did the Photoshop editing.

You have to admit, Jenner chose the perfect magazine to “photograph” him. You could not pick a better name than “Vanity Fair.”

According to

Renowned photographer Annie Liebovitz captured the first photographs of Caitlyn at her home in Malibu, including the magazine’s cover shot. Pulitzer Prize-winning VF contributor and Friday Night Lights author Buzz Bissinger “chronicles the tensions, traumas, and courage that shaped Caitlyn into the woman you see today,” according to the magazine.

Jenner detailed her transition in a two-hour tell-all 20/20 interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer last month, in which she said she had “always been confused” about her gender identity.

“I am a woman,” Jenner told Sawyer. “It’s not like I’ve been dressing up like a woman, it’s like I’ve spent my whole life dressing like a man.”

Obviously this is all backwards. The things that “shaped Caitlyn,” i.e. Bruce Jenner, “into the [sic] woman you see today” were surgical scalpels, a continual regimen of drugs, and a lot of video editing to make him look like he is young and glamorous. But he’s just an old man publicly destroying himself.

In the embedded video at he claims that now that he is publicly shown on the magazine cover he no longer has any secrets and that he is free. But he isn’t free. He’s just mutilated. And he can’t even admit he is a man. He is obviously keeping secrets.

There was a time when Bruce Jenner did all he could to unlock and cultivate his body’s potential. He says he is not ashamed of those accomplishments but acts as if this is an accomplishment too. It’s not. All he did was use drugs and blades to hide and cut away the parts of his body that he loathed. We live in a society where women can be diagnosed as addicted to plastic surgery but Jenner’s procedures are considered healthy and freeing.

It is all illusion. Bruce Jenner is not a healthy, glamorous woman. He’s just a six-and-a-half-decade-old piece of human wreckage. He has modeled body hatred and self-loathing for others to emulate.