Buffalo Cop Fired, Loses Pension, For Stopping Abuse

Why is this Buffalo Cop now working as a truck driver?

cariol horne

What do you do when a cop stops a fellow officer from choking a handcuffed suspect? If you are the cop doing the choking, you assault that officer. Then, if you are the supervisors of the officers, you accuse the cop who tried to stop the abuse of “obstruction” and fire her.

That is the story we have so far.

My thanks to the reader of my post about the Cleveland police force who alerted me by Facebook comment to this online petition: “Support Cop Fired for Stopping Police Brutality.”

Target: Brian K. Patterson, Chief of Police, Buffalo NY

Goal: Pay good cop her rightfully-earned pension

After stopping a fellow officer from using excessive force, Officer Cariol Horne was fired from her job and had her pension withdrawn. Horne, who worked as a police officer for 19 years, responded to a call for assistance at a domestic dispute and saw another officer punching a civilian in the face. After the suspect was led out of the house in handcuffs, the officer became violent again and began to choke him.

Horne stepped in, telling the other officer to release the restrained suspect. When he refused, Horne grabbed the officer’s arm off of the man’s neck. The violent officer responded by punching Horne so hard in the face that her nose was broken. Horne was fired over the incident, her pension effectively withdrawn because she was terminated two months before the 20-year mark.

The officer that struck Horne was under investigation for punching an off-duty cop at a bar, but despite two violent incidents, kept his job. He was forced to retire after choking another officer at a station house and is currently facing an indictment for civil rights violations against four black teenagers which he shot with their own BB gun while they were in the back of his car.

Police officers have a sworn duty to protect citizens, and Officer Cariol Horne was doing just that. Apparently there is a double standard when the violence is being committed by another police officer. Sign the petition below to denounce Horne’s termination and demand that she receive her rightfully-earned pension.

I looked up Cariol Horne’s name at google news and found several headlines. At the time I am writing this , here is one of the most recent stories from the Daily Mail. One additional detail not mentioned in the quotation above is that Horne, a mother of five, is now working as a truck driver.

Please go read the petition and consider entering your name.