California Cuts Off 114 Water Rights Holders

The small, master-planned community of Mountain House, California, is within days of running out of drinking water after the state cut off its sole water source.

Mountain House general manager Ed Pattison said, “We’re out there looking for water supplies as we speak. We have storage tanks, but those are basically just to ensure the correct pressurization of the distribution system. No more than 2 days are in those storage tanks.”

The state cut off 114 senior water rights holders on Friday, including the Byron-Bethany Irrigation District, which serves Mountain House.

Many of those water districts are planning to sue the State Water Resources Control Board on the grounds that it has no legal authority to cut off those senior water rights, which represent some of the oldest water rights in the state.

Legal authority has never stopped the ultraliberal fascist regime of California, of course.

Especially now that the bill for all those environmentalist whimsies like the Delta smelt and returning reservoirs to nature have come due, the state is desperate to make everybody pay except for the state legislators, bureaucrats, judges and lobbyists whose collective work over the decades has left California with one-third the water storage capacity it was meant to have.

This is what happens when you allow Democrats to rule essentially unchallenged.

As environmentalist plans come to fruition, ordinary people suffer. We’ve seen it time and again at all levels of government.

It’s long past time that government’s environmental agenda put the needs of humans first.