California Declares War On Family and Christian Values!

Living in the southwest for many years, I’ve often described California as the land of nuts, fruits, flakes, wackos and crazies.  Some areas of the state, such as San Francisco and Mission Bay near San Diego remind me of Sodom and Gomorrah with their enclaves of homosexuality.

Now that the Democrats seem to have full control of the state, they have declared open warfare on traditional family values and Christianity in general.  They have passed several laws that are purposely aimed at destroying Christian family values and it starts with the public schools.

Before leaving the governor’s mansion, Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill that made May 22 Harvey Milk Day.  Milk was the first homosexual elected to public office in the state and he led the push for gay rights until the day he died.  Now, most of the public school kids in California are forced to help celebrate Milk, who was known as a sexual predator of boys.  Some schools have even shown the students the controversial film ‘Milk’ that glorified the homosexual pedophile.

Since taking over the governor’s mansion, Democrat Jerry Brown has been signing anti-family and anti-Christian legislation as fast as they can be put on his desk.  Among those are SB 1172, AB 2109, AB 1856, SB 1140 and AB 2348.

SB 1172 is a law that forbids anyone, including a parent from seeking counseling or professional help for their children who have questions about their sexual orientation.  The children are allowed to be taught all about homosexuality and how it is considered by many to be normal, but they are not allowed to be counseled that it is wrong and a sin according to the Bible.

AB 2109 is a law that forces parents who oppose to certain vaccinations for their children, to receive medical counseling at their own expense before obtaining a physician’s signature to allow them to exempt their children from being vaccinated for religious or personal reasons.  Advocates of the bill claimed it was necessary to help protect children from catching preventable diseases that could have lasting negative health effects.  Opponents claim that it is forcing many parents to have their children vaccinated against their will because of the required red tape procedure.  A number of parents don’t get their kids vaccinated for religious reasons and the new state law, some believe, is trying to force parents to go against their beliefs.

AB 1856 is a law that forces all foster parents in the state of California to undergo 40 hours of ‘gender sensitive training’.  The new law actually requires any group home administrator, licensed foster parent or an extended family member caregiver to undergo the training.  The bill also requires them to make every effort necessary to provide proper teaching of gay rights and lifestyles to those in their care.  There is no law requiring foster parents or caregivers to undergo traditional value training or provide the teachings of traditional family values to those in their care.

SB 1140 was recently signed into law by Gov. Brown.  This bill changes the definition of marriage to a personal relation arising out of a civil and not religious contract.  Many see this as opening the door for the legalization of same-sex marriage.

AB 2348 was also recently signed into law by Brown.  This measure allows registered nurses to assume the role of doctors in the dispensing of oral and emergency contraceptives as well as vaginal rings and patches.  Instead of having to see a doctor to get their prescription, girls and women just have to see an RN.

SB 623 extends a pilot program allowing nurses and midwives to perform aspiration abortions.  An aspiration abortion is when the unborn child is vacuumed out of the womb either through the use of a large manually operated syringe attached to a tube or using a mechanical vacuum to suck the infant out.  This procedure often results in the baby being pulled apart limb by limb.

Assembly Joint Resolution 43 was recently passed.  This measure calls on the federal government to protect the rights of LGBT individuals and groups.  They want federal protection against discrimination, harassment or negative treatment based on their sexual orientation.

More and more California public school districts have also joined the war on Christianity.  In Buena Park, the school district tried to ban Child Evangelism Fellowship of Orange County from using school facilities after hours like other social organizations do.  When the school district was threatened with a lawsuit by the American Center for Law & Justice, the school district said they would allow the Christian group to use the facilities, but only after they agreed to pay an annual fee of $4,255.  However, none of the other groups that use the school pay any fees.

Gov. Brown took further measures in his attack on traditional families and Christians by his appointment of two homosexuals to the judicial bench.  His first appointment was last week when he appointed Jim Humes, a homosexual, to the California Court of Appeals.  The second came this week when Brown appointed lesbian Paula S. Rosenstein to a justice in a San Diego court.

If I were living in California, I would seriously consider moving to another state as soon as possible.  California also just passed higher state income taxes and gasoline taxes.  It seems they are doing everything possible to drive traditional Christian families and businesses out of the state so that all they will be left with are the left wing liberal wackos that they are known for.  Don’t forget that Rep. Nancy Pelosi is also from California.

Living in the southwest for so many years, there was always talk about when will the really big earthquake happen that would cause California to slide into the ocean, leaving Arizona and Nevada with beach front property.  As I read all that is happening there, I can’t help but think about how the most unstable people in the nation just happen to live on the most unstable land in the nation.  Perhaps there is some irony and justice there after all.