California Department of Managed Health Care Demands Christians Finance Murder

Question: What’s the difference between ISIS or the Islamic State and the California Department of Managed Health Care?


Answer: The average age of the victims who get knifed.

Via the Christian News: “California Requires Insurance Companies, Faith-Based Employers to Cover Abortions.”

The California Department of Managed Health Care has issued a letter requiring insurance companies in the state to cover abortions, forcing all faith-based employers to likewise offer abortion coverage regardless of their religious beliefs.

“Abortion is a basic health care service,” director Michelle Rouillard wrote on Friday to seven insurance companies that refused to offer coverage.“All health plans must treat maternity services and legal abortion neutrally.”

She asserted that abortion must be covered because the “California Constitution prohibits health plans from discriminating against women who choose to terminate a pregnancy,” and also cited a 1975 law surrounding “medically necessary” health care.


Beth Parker, the chief counsel for Planned Parenthood, praised the directive by the directive issued by Rouillard, stating she was “thrilled that the state is complying with California law and ensuring that women of California have access to all reproductive health services.”

But Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) and the Life Legal Defense Foundation assert that the department’s mandate violates federal law, and sent a rebuttal letter on Friday calling for a retraction under threat of a federal lawsuit.

I guess Michelle Rouillard would have called the ovens at Auschwitz a “basic health care service.” May God grant her repentance for her barbarity.

All I can do in response to this is pray: May God give His Church grace to reject this tyrannical edict to pay for the murder weapons. Followers of the Prince of Peace must choose obedience to their King over the comfort of “going along to get along.”