California Won’t Require ID Chips — for Now

It’s not exactly dodging a bullet. More like dodging a heat-seeking smart missile that’s going to turn around and take another pass at you.

California for the moment has rejected putting infrared identification chips in driver’s licenses.

The tracking chips, which are already in licenses in four other states, were approved by the Senate but got held up in the California Assembly Appropriations Committee last week over “privacy concerns.”

Saying that the chips raise privacy issues is similar to saying that the 20-foot shark that’s about to bite down on your midsection is raising comfort issues.

Advocates for the chips say they’re not meant to track people and they wouldn’t contain any actual personal information.

The chips would broadcast a number that would connect to a Department of Motor Vehicles database and call up your information on a computer screen at the border so that immigration officers can send you through faster.

Um … yeah, I’d buy that for a dollar.

First, since when does California give a hoot about the border? Second, your personal information will still show up on a computer screen that can be viewed by any agent with a yen for giving you a hard time or anyone who might happen to hack the system (which we know never, ever, ever happens). Third, since these are essentially transmitters, they will make an effective way of tracking the movements of anyone who carries a license, which is required by the state, regardless of whether the tracking system has come online yet.

The fact that it’s California Democrats pushing for this increases the likelihood of future evil and mischief by a factor of at least ten to the fourth power.

There is no legitimate reason to be tracking the movements of law-abiding citizens, particularly in a state where border-hopping illegal aliens, drug dealers and foreign terrorists walk free and there is no political will to do anything to stop them.

The delay in the Assembly is only a temporary reprieve. Like every bad idea in California, it will be resurrected sooner than expected and let loose to ravage the formerly Golden State.

Ultimately, this is only a step toward implanting chips in people, which is what the statists truly want.