Call Ambulance For Wife; Police Arrive & Beat You Up So You Need Ambulance Too

Humansville, MO is a small town north of Springfield. There Elbert Breshears lives with his wife. She has dementia.

Last week he called the hospital for an ambulance for her.

There is some history between Breshears and the local police, but the story does not give us much to go on.  What happened, however, does not show us public servants who want to learn what is going on so that they know how to help. KSPR-33 ABC:

Elbert Breshears for an ambulance for his wife who suffers from dementia, but it was police who showed up first.

“The wife and I were standing about here, that’s the window she knocked out. I was standing here holding her hand and she was wavering hollering help,” Breshears said.

When police got there,”police car drove up, he bailed out ran over and knocked me down. He told me to get up, I told him I couldn’t,” he explained.

That’s when Breshears says police got aggressive. “First thing, I know they grab me, threw me out there on the gravel. One of them sat down on my back, the other sat down on my head. They were trying to get handcuffs on me. I told them I can’t get my hands up. I have no objection to being handcuffed,” says Breshears.

By then paramedics arrived. Breshears says he and his wife were taken to the hospital. A doctor looked him over.

“He dug out the gravel out of my head and sewed my head up,” he says.

Breshears says he first started having problems with police at the beginning of the year. What happened here, he says is unbelievable.

“I didn’t know what to think. I ever had anybody jump on me for doing nothing,” he says.


“I don’t hit my wife. I’ve lived with the woman for 47 years. I love the woman. I can’t help what she does,” says Breshears. A man who tried to help his wife, ended up getting hurt the most.

“All I was trying to do was my job and this is what I got for it,” he says.

The police are charging Breshears with the all-purpose “resisting arrest” and “assault on a police officer.” They are also charging him with elder abuse. Even if Breshears was cleverly lying to the news reporter, and is guilty of these things, it still looks like the cops, at best, decided to deliver some immediate punishments on Breshears. That’s the best possible scenario for the police as far as I’m concerned. But I have a hard time convincing myself it could be true. It seems likely that, once again, police got violent because they can.