Calm Down—Rubio Is Not A RINO

President Obama thanks him for his work on the Senate immigration bill; Senator Chuck Schumer “think[s] the world of him”; but I assure you, ladies and gentlemen, Senator Marco Rubio is not a Democrat.

I do believe Rubio needs to resign from Congress, but not because he’s a RINO; only because he was a main sponsor of a bill that, if it became law, would do irreparable damage to conservatism by nearly ensuring no Republican would ever be president again. So it’s time for him to go.

But Rubio is not a RINO.

RINO means Republican In Name Only; ergo, RINOs are, ideologically, Democrats. Rubio is pretty consistently conservative, unlike any Democrat I’ve ever heard of. One horrible vote does not negate all of someone’s other, conservative votes.

Reading the comments on this Breitbart article is embarrassing. It’s a bunch of emotionalism. One person writes that Rubio is a prime candidate for the Democratic Party, and many others write along those same lines, calling Rubio a “closet Democrat” or saying he should run on the Democratic ticket in 2016 with Gov. Chris Christie.

Rubio is nothing like a Democrat at all! Democrats are not known for earning A+ conservative ratings from the conservative group Americans for Prosperity.

As noted at the conservative Commentary Magazine, Rubio, Rep. Paul Ryan, Gov. Jeb Bush, et al., are the true Reaganites on the matter of immigration. President Reagan was wrong on the matter, of course, but don’t conservatives say they want another Ronald Reagan in office? (I don’t; I’d prefer the further-right Barry Goldwater.) Well, Rubio fits the bill of a Reaganite. One could even argue he is more conservative than Reagan was: contrary to popular liberal myth, Reagan was a big social spender; Rubio is not. But no conservative would say Reagan was a RINO or a prime candidate for the Democratic ticket in 2016.

In no way am I repeating that liberal canard that Reagan wouldn’t belong in today’s Republican Party. Indeed, the majority of the Republican Party is more left-wing than he was. But do you want a Reaganite or not? If so, then Rubio’s your man.

And I’m not defending Rubio’s sponsorship of this immigration—scratch that—this amnesty bill; I think it is a terrible bill and I think he is an idiot for believing it will help Republicans, and, as I said, I want him gone. But let’s calm down, think pragmatically, and stop with the hysterics.