“Calm Down” Is Wisdom from the Stormtroopers After They Break Down Your Door

The stormtroopers themselves were nice enough to provide video of the operation. I know it is long but it warrants (no pun intended) complete watching by all Americans. What you will see is a group of armed men breaking and entering into Louise Milan’s home.

The hair-raising incident took place at the household of Louise Milan on Powell Street.  It was the place where she and her husband had raised their six children, and had lived for three decades.

On June 21, 2012, the solitude of the familial home was shattered — along with numerous doors and window panes.  Louise Milan, 68, was home with her adopted daughter, 18-year-old Stephanie Milan.  Around midday, Louise had been straightening her bedroom when she heard a terrifying sound from downstairs.

“I hear this noise, and I’m thinking something’s hit the house,” Louise recalled in her deposition.  “Then I think the world has come to and end,” she added, when she heard “the second bang.”

The terrified grandmother, who had endured multiple heart surgeries to treat her atrial fibrillation, immediately thought of Stephanie and headed for the stairs, screaming in panic.  She said that she was met half-way down the stairs by an unidentified intruder holding a rifle.

“He’s pointing his gun at me, and he’s saying ‘Get on the floor,’” Louise recalled.

That is how this grandmother was introduced to the Evansville Police Department, according to PolicestateUSA.com—and the multiple sources they cite. The loud noises she heard were concussion grenades being tossed into her home. Here’s the video where you see them pointing “assault weapons” at a tiny, unarmed, eighteen-year-old girl and handcuffing her for doing nothing. Next to “calm down,” I suppose my favorite line from the officers is their explanation that they are handcuffing them “for our safety.” Body armor and a personal arsenal don’t seem to make the owners very confident. Seriously, you need to watch this.

Both women were shackled and “marched down the street in front of neighbors,” Louise recalled.  “I don’t think we deserved that.”

And they didn’t deserve many other things either.

The “justification” for this raid was that someone talked violent trash about the police, claiming to have explosives. That person deserved to be found and prosecuted. In fact, he has pleaded guilty in Federal court. But the only basis for the raid was that the perpetrator used Milan’s ISP address. He used her wifi without her knowledge. So on that basis we see jackbooted warrior cops (except that warriors typically actually combat dangerous opponents, not unarmed elderly women) sweep their weapons across residential homes before smashing through Milan’s door, bypassing the children’s bicycles and other toys in her yard as they pretended she was a military threat.

A man threatens police and the only clue is an ISP address—this calls forth an immediate SWAT team? Why not send a plain clothes detective to do some mild undercover work and scope out the neighborhood? The police have deliberately chosen a strategy that maximizes the risk of life and limb to innocent people. They are playing “cowboy” by choice, not necessity.

Interestingly, both the plaintiffs and defendants believe the video helps their case.  The Milans believe the video shows officers acting negligently and violating their constitutional rights, and the government believes the officers were shown to be “respectful” to the women — after pointing rifles at them and breaking their stuff.

Right; after smashing up the home they didn’t force the two handcuffed women to walk barefoot through all the broken glass they had put on the floor at the entryway—leading their prisoners out the back door instead.

perp walked

They’re perfect gentlemen.