Can The Chamber Of Commerce Start Making Sense On Immigration?

I’m not asking for them to change their view and conform to my ideas. I don’t get frustrated by the Chamber of Commerce disagreeing with me. But I really wish these people would explain themselves.

From the Washington Times:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Thomas J. Donohue said Monday that Congress must get back to the issue of immigration, arguing that businesses need an influx of immigrant labor because American workers aren’t available.

American workers aren’t available? That can’t be right. We are breaking records with the number of Americans not in the work force!

Perhaps Donohue, who has said stuff like this before, thinks that the Americans who don’t have jobs don’t want jobs. I wish he would explain his thinking to us. Does he think that these American’s are mostly pretending to be disabled in order to collect assistance money from the government? But wouldn’t immigrants be just as likely to avail themselves of welfare?

More from the Washington Times:

In the process, Mr. Donohue waded into a thorny debate about increasing legal immigration — which is part of the broader conversation, though it is usually overwhelmed by the discussion about what to do with the estimated 11-12 million illegal immigrants already here.

Polls show most Americans prefer to see legal immigration kept steady or reduced, rather than increased, believing more immigration will lead to competition for jobs. But Mr. Donohue said Americans shouldn’t be worried.

“Immigrants do not typically compete with Americans for jobs, and, in fact, create more jobs through entrepreneurship, economic activity, and tax revenues,” he said. “Immigrants serve as a complement to U.S.-born workers and can help fill labor shortages across the skill spectrum and in key sectors.”

I like the idea of increasing legal immigration numbers more than harvesting embittered refugees every few decades. I wonder if Donohue really likes anything about the proposed “immigration reform” other than prospect of getting more immigrants. Is he supporting amnesty as a trade for greater numbers of immigrants?

But even here Donohue is still not making sense. He goes from saying that we need immigrants to do jobs to promising us that immigrants will create new jobs. So are we hoping for more available jobs or are we hoping for someone to fill the jobs that are still open.