How Can EVERYTHING Be An Argument For Amnesty? Labor Secretary Uses Jobs Report To Push “Immigration Reform”

I would love for more people to come and work here (assuming that’s what their really trying to do) but there is no way you can use news that there are not enough jobs in the United States as evidence that you need to get more people into the country. Yet that is exactly what Labor Secretary Thomas Perez did yesterday?

What are these people thinking?

According to Breitbart:

On Friday, after conceding that last month’s jobs report was disappointing and not as favorable as the White House had expected, President Barack Obama’s Labor Secretary advocated for comprehensive immigration reform to improve the economy.

Saying the jobs report shows the Obama administration has more “work to do,” Thomas Perez said on CNBC that immigration reform, in addition to promise zones, was needed to jumpstart the economy.

The economy is not a dying battery. These people should just stop pretending to make rational statements and pronounce magic words and wave their hands. It would be about as meaningful as what they are doing now and have about as much chance of leading to a better economy.

Back in 2008 when the recession really hit, lots of legal and illegal workers returned to Mexico and South America. Their presence here in the U.S. was not able to “jumpstart” the economy when it was receding. There is no reason to think it will jumpstart the economy now.

It is amazing to me that people propose this kind of doomed plan, and then treat you as if you are crazy if you suggest that maybe fewer people would stay unemployed if we stopped providing so much money for the unemployed.

“Oh no!” say liberals. “That would never work. People can’t find jobs in this economy.”

So what should we do?

“Just add thousands of immigrants; that will jump start the economy.”

How does that work? If no one can find a job in this economy then how are they going to live?

Basically, for our ruling class, nothing that free market economists suggest is worth trying but everything that liberals propose should be immediately implemented no matter how bad their track record.

You endanger your I.Q. to attempt to reason with these people.