Can We ALL Let Other People Pay For Our Health Care?

OK, I was waiting for an astute review of the CBO report, and Guy Benson covers it well. This White House economist… he makes me think I’m living in a movie with a really, really lame script.

Conservatives often accuse liberals of being ideological supporters of an ever-growing welfare state. Liberals indignantly respond that of course they’re not in favor of more government dependence. But here they are cheering a new entitlement program for “liberating” people from work. Remember, these people can’t become less self-sufficient without other people picking up the slack. In this case, hardworking taxpayers will pay the tab for others choosing to dramatically scale back (or end) their workload. And the beneficiaries’ healthcare subsidies will be “paid for” through higher costs for other people, including many in the middle class. Congratulations, middle class taxpayers, you’re working harder, taking home less pay, and spending more on health coverage to help millions of people voluntarily quit their jobs or retire early. That shifts burdens onto the middle class, and destroys billions of dollars in worker productivity. And it’s all thanks to Obamacare, which is unquestionably an income redistributionist scheme. Here is CBO director Douglas Elmendorf explaining the perverse incentives:

Let me get this straight… you’re honestly saying it’s a good thing that people who are currently providing their own support can now slack off a bit, and allow their neighbors to work harder (or take home less) in order to provide health care welfare to the ones choosing to work less. OK, right.

And what if a bunch of us simply throw up our hands at being asked to work more for less return, and all join the slacker’s welfare party, courtesy of the White House?

Someone please tell me I’ve been in a coma for five years, and this is really all a bad and illogical dream!

Worst of all, these bozos at the White House lectern earn more than I do to stand up there and spout utter economic nonsense—at MY expense!!

Shaking my head…

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