Can We Please Dump the Racism Accusation?

The racism accusation serves no purpose but to confuse issues and manufacture outrage.


Here’s an interesting headline from the Washington Times: “David Clarke, black Milwaukee sheriff: Eric Holder has ‘disgusted’ me.”

Attorney General Eric Holder is guilty of race-bait tactics in his response to Ferguson, said Milwaukee’s widely quoted and tough-talking black sheriff, David Clarke, in a recent nationally televised interview.

“He comes out with these scurrilous claims that law enforcement officers hit the streets every day with some nefarious intent in their heart to deny people their constitutional civil rights and indiscriminately just shoot black males as if it were some sort of sport,” Sheriff Clarke said in an interview on “The Kelly File” on Fox News.

Taking the Ferguson riots as cause to issue new federal guidelines against racial profiling is an over-the-top reaction to Ferguson, Sheriff Clarke said, adding that Mr. Holder’s actions have “disgusted” him.

“He knows how due process works,” Sheriff Clarke said, Newsmax reported. “He knows what justice is. He claims he wants justice for all, but apparently he doesn’t want justice for police officers.”

Sheriff Clarke also added that Mr. Holder left “a sour taste in the mouths of all law enforcement officers” by suggesting that racial bias was a big part of modern day policing, Newsmax reported.

Sheriff Clarke made the statements in context of discussing the fallout from the grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in the Aug. 9 shooting death of teen Michael Brown. The tough-on-crime sheriff also criticized the Congressional Black Caucus, and decried members’ claim that the grand jury determination only proved that “black lives don’t matter” in the United States, and rebuked the White House for fueling racial animosity, Newsmax reported.

It is self-evident why I dislike the policies and actions of the President and the Attorney General–since my skin color is “white” I must be a “racist.”

(Wait… isn’t prejudging someone based solely on their skin color the very clear definition of “racism”? Oh… sorry, I’ll stop using logic and reason.)

So, what do you say about Sheriff David Clarke’s dislike of Holder? Is he a “racist,” too?