Is Canada A Holdout In the Global Warming Stampede?

Canada did not send any officials to the Carbon Expo 14, an annual conference for our bureaucrats to get together and plan ways to regulate the world in order to “save” it.

By itself, Canada’s absence from the Expo would not mean too much. The U.S. also decided not to send any officials. But that wasn’t because the government is not “concerned” about impoverishing us saving the planet. Rather, it was because we are too important to show up with the little people. Like the voice of Charlie giving instruction to “the Angels,” Secretary of State John Kerry simply televised his message to the people of the other nations. It seems almost like a kind of televangelism.

Canada’s absence from Carbon Expo 14, however, is accompanied by some other evidence. makes the charges against the country:

Canada has a reputation for being thoughtful and progressive on most matters. But, by some metrics, it doesn’t stack up so well on its greenness. “Most Canadians don’t realize is they are lagging behind most of the rest of the world. They come in 27 of the 27 richest countries in environment,” said Owen Barder, a Europe-based economist who helped produce the Center for Global Development’s study called “The Commitment to Development Index.” ”I don’t think most Canadians would see themselves that way.” He says the country’s low ranking is the result of its lax gas taxes, high fish subsidies and greenhouse gas emissions.

Can you believe they printed that? Most Canadians would feel better about themselves and their government if it imposed higher gas taxes on them? Unbelievable.

But the latest news shows the Canadian government actively fighting against the climate change hysteria.

Meteorologists are paid to talk expansively about the weather. But in Canada, they have to choose their words a little more carefully.

The government has made it clear that none of the meteorologists on its payroll should be talking about climate change, according to a new report. It’s unclear how long this rule has been in effect, but Environment Canada, the government entity that shares weather and meteorological information publicly, explained its position in a statement to us.

“Our Weather Preparedness Meteorologists are experts in their field of severe weather and speak to this subject. Questions about climate change or long-term trends would be directed to a climatologist or other applicable authority,” said Danny Kingsberry, a spokesman for Environment Canada.

I feel queasy commending a country for censoring its citizens. But if the meteorologists are all government employees then I guess that gives the government leverage as their employer. reports that several scientists are taking retirement as a response to the limits on what meteorologists can say.

The idea that Canada might resist the climate change hysteria seems too good to be true, but I am praying that it is indeed true. It does make sense since Canada has an oil industry and wants the Keystone Pipeline built to help bring the oil to market. That project is being opposed on the grounds of the global warming lie. No patriotic Canadian can want to see their country fail to grow and prosper due to the sabotage of environmentalists.