Canadian Gov to Doctors: You WILL Assist Suicide

No conscientious objection to suicide is permitted; all medical institutions MUST participate.

If a position doesn’t open up here soon enough, perhaps the psycho girlfriend who convinced her boy toy to kill himself can find employment up north. CTV News reports, “Quebec health minister insists dying patients must get help to ease suffering.” That is regime-speak for saying that each and every hospital and institution is required to assist in suicide.

Terminally ill patients in Quebec who seek medical aid in dying must be provided with the service even if some doctors are against it, Quebec’s health minister said Wednesday.

Gaetan Barrette called out uncooperative doctors and directors of institutions in the province’s health care network Wednesday after a palliative care unit in Montreal announced it wouldn’t offer the service.

Quebec’s right-to-die law comes into effect on Dec. 10 and Barrette says the patient will be the priority.

Because doctors who don’t want to kill their patients obviously don’t make them the priority.

The health minister declared that hospitals with palliative care units as well as palliative care homes must conform to the law and offer medical assistance to dying patients who ask for it.

“Medical assistance” is what we’re calling homicide these days.

Barrette says that on an individual basis, a doctor could invoke an objection of conscience and refuse to shorten the life of a sick person.

But he insists that the institution must respond to the request and find another doctor willing to offer the service.

So if you want to know why the Hobby Lobby case is so important to both Left and Right; it is because this is the agenda. At best Canada is a couple of decades ahead of us. But I doubt we have even that long. The government wants to be able to force all hospitals to offer this death panel service.

The fight is real!