You Can’t Tame God

The true God is not a tame god. We should fear him.

What is going on with the clergy and the lesbian mayor of Houston is evidence that America no longer fears God.

To prove my point please permit me a couple of hypotheticals for you to consider.

What would have been the reaction from the homosexual “community” if a heterosexual mayor anywhere in America had requested homosexual leaders submit their writings and speeches for inspection by the city government?

What would have been the reaction of the Islamic community if a Christian mayor had requested copies of the speeches and communications of the Imans in the various mosques in the city?

Why would no mayor in America even consider such a blatant attack upon either of these two groups?

The answer is easy and obvious.  It is a four letter word…FEAR.

All of our institutions fear both the Muslims and the homosexuals.  The officials know that either group would launch such a venomous attack that no elected official would survive.  The hypothetical mayor in this hypothetical situation would long ago have been forced to resign.

Will the Christians gathering in Houston this Sunday demand the resignation of the lesbian mayor?  Why not?  Why are our institutions no longer afraid of the Christians?

Population statistics reveal that Muslims make up less than 1% of the American population.  Government statistics recently showed that the homosexual population makes up 1.6 % of the American population.

Let those numbers sink in.  Why do both groups make Christians cower and run for cover?

Government doesn’t fear Christianity because American Christians no longer fear God.  Christians have tamed God.  They have have domesticated Him.  The Lion no longer roars…He meows.  Jesus has become as compliant as the family’s pet.

The Name of Jesus should be synonymous with power.  His presence should send shock waves throughout the nation.

It is like the electrical outlet sticking out of the wall of my office.  To the untrained eye it looks like nothing more than a wall ornament.

But inside that three-pronged socket dwells invisible power.  I can’t explain exactly how it works but I do know enough about it that I don’t dare poke a metal stick into the socket.  Something powerful lives inside that box.

I love the electricity but I have a healthy fear of it.  My respect for that power keeps me from treating it carelessly.  I have never seen anyone actually be electrocuted by it, but I do know that it has that capability.  The dictionary calls that “dunamis” power.  Dunamis power is potential energy.  Properly applied it can power an entire city.

Be careful with electricity.” a Mr. Fix It friend of mine once told me.  “Electricity can be a great friend but if you are not careful it can really bite.  I have learned to show it much respect.

Bite…I thought to myself.    Power…electricity…bite…dunamis.  “Be respectful to the hand that feeds you,”  I remember my father telling me.  As usually happens, my thoughts turned to God…

He is a lot like electricity, you know.  He has great power and is often a very good friend.  But like electricity, He has the ability to bite.  God is loving, caring, and full of Power.  Omnipotent.  He created electricity…and everything else.

But God, like casually handled electricity, can also kill.

Why do we have such great respect for electrical power and so little respect for the power of God?  What has caused us to be so “comfortable” with the Holy Ghost power socket?

We have lost the fear of Him.  We think he doesn’t bite.  We think that He has been defanged.  We think that the Lion of the Tribe of Judah has lost His teeth.  Like a domesticated Tom-cat we think He has been neutered.

We love his power.  We love the way He “feels” when we bask in His warmth during praise and worship at church.  We love to “feel” the power of God rush throughout our body.  We love to have Him “touch” us…much like a body massage…it makes us tingle.

But we don’t want Him to pinch.  We don’t want Him to bite.  We want Him to soothe our aches like a cozy hot-tub.  We have Tamed the Tiger of the Holy Spirit and put Him on a leash.


We no longer fear the power of God.  Because we so rarely see it, we think He has blown a fuse.

The American church is treating the Lion as if he was a pussy cat.  Christians are being taught that all Jesus wants to do is sit on your couch with you and purr.  He loves everything and everybody.  He has no enemies.  He has no claws.  He has no teeth.  The Lion, indeed, has been tamed.

All types of power are dangerous.  Electrical, hydro, chemical, mechanical, and wind are friendly once they are harnessed.  Natural power that is controlled makes life easier for us.

But God’s power is super-natural.  It is controlled only because He controls it.  Super-natural power supersedes natural powers.  If natural powers can be deadly, how much more deadly can super-natural powers be?

Unlike electricity, God can not be harnessed.  God cannot be controlled.  God cannot be tamed.  God is a Spirit.  His power is invisible and all power is given unto Him “in heaven and in earth.”

There is not a lion tamer in the world that can tame God.  He doesn’t fit in a box.  He won’t jump through hoops.  He won’t sit down and beg.

The God of the Old Testament didn’t die and He didn’t change His Stripes.  Today’s church acts like Jehovah was “born again” in the New Testament.

Read the front end of your Bible.  God does not sleep.  God does not wink at sin.  God does not give in to the edicts of man…He can not be “separated.” God, like electricity, can be calamitous.  God is a Lion.  He roars.  He bites.  He kills.

It is time we stop trying to tame God.


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