Carson Surges; Media Get Their Racism On

As Ben Carson’s presidential candidacy seems to be soaring, the left-wing media are in a lather to destroy him.

A new Quinnipiac poll shows Carson crushing Hillary Clinton by 10 points in a theoretical matchup. Therefore, the media have decided he must be stopped.

This is what the media do to black Americans who stray from the liberal farm. It’s the same sort of attempted lynching given to Clarence Thomas all those years ago.

To be sure, the lynching of Ben Carson hasn’t gotten into full gear just yet, but the warning shots have been fired and the torches lit.

Salon is probably the winner to date in the anti-Carson smear campaign with its headline “Somebody shut Ben Carson up: Dangerous GOP gun-nut lunacy makes us all less safe,” but they aren’t the only media outlet sweating bullets at the prospect of an intelligent, educated, conservative black man winning the Oval Office and stopping the juggernaut rolling toward a Progressive dystopia.

The Huffing-and-Puffington Post and The New Yorker have dubbed Carson “dangerous.”

The New Republic has called him a “token.”

MSNBC rolled with it when one of their guests called Carson “the safe negro.”

The Daily Beast: Carson is “crazy.”

The Daily Show settled on “bat***t crazy.”

And the bandwagon was out with claxons blaring when Carson made the common-sense observation that the Holocaust might have gone differently if German Jews had guns when the Nazis came calling.

[See what Ben Carson recently said about education.]

These are the same media that have been quick to attack any criticism of President Obama for the past six and a half years as racist.

The media will try to destroy any Republican candidate who isn’t Jeb Bush, i.e. a Progressive in conservative clothing.

But Carson, probably the world’s foremost neurosurgeon, is getting the special treatment because he has black skin, and when black skin is wrapped around someone who is not a socialist tool, it’s the stuff of liberal nightmares.