Carville Doesn’t Get Obamacare: Arrogance Creates Delusion

From the Washington Times:

Veteran Democratic strategist James Carville called the Oct. 1 rollout of major parts of President Obama’s health care law a “joke” and said the fallout seen in plummeting poll numbers is “all self-inflicted” — but he does believe the law will work in the end.

“I look at these polls, and I got to tell you, I think it is all self-inflicted. I think this rollout, which I think they got to get right, was a disaster, it was a joke,” he told Fox Business Network on Thursday. “And there was a way to talk about, you know, how many people would get to keep their health insurance in a way that wasn’t causing this much trouble. I’m one of the few people who have believed, and continue to believe, that in the end this thing will work pretty good.”

As you read Carville’s worlds, remember that they are all designed to vindicate the Democrats and make the country believe that the government can deliver healthcare benefits to the American people. The only ploy the Democrats have available to them is to insist that all the problems with the roll out are a big glitch—the glitch, in this case, being the Obama Administration.

And it is true that the blindness, induced by arrogance and/or the sheer incompetence of the White House, has added a lot of drama to the rollout of the Affordable Care Act. I knew the plan couldn’t work but I had no idea it would be this bad.

Why didn’t Obama keep track of his signature legacy program? Why wasn’t he anxious about it? Why didn’t he start developing a plan to delay it so the website could be fixed? The only answer I can think of is that he was so arrogant and so self-assured that he didn’t think he needed to. He, in a sense, saw himself the way some of the sailors and passengers of the Titanic saw that ship. They were too sure that the Titanic was unsinkable to ever allow themselves to really worry about the ice berg.

So the arrogance and self-confidence grew to the point that it really has humiliated the President. But it didn’t start there. The arrogance began with two other steps.

First, there was the arrogance that he could devise a plan that would solve all our healthcare problems. Our healthcare problems were significant, due to a legacy of economic interventionism in the medical field. He believed experts could construct a law that could use even more controls and regulations to make affordable, quality, healthcare available to more people. That was never going to happen. The fact is America can no longer afford to maintain the huge entitlement programs that were put in place back when we were prosperous.

Second, there was arrogance about how the American people would put up with all the sacrifices they would have to make, even when they were not warned about them. Somehow, they would be grateful for the whole system even though their rates were going up along with their out of pocket expenses. No matter how much was taken away from them, like an abused wife doting on her “strong” husband, the American people would be thankful.

Arrogance doesn’t stay in its assigned place. It grows and expands out. People who believe they can control the economy and can turn the hearts of the people however they wish have already departed from reality. Eventually, the fantasy has to consume their capacity to do anything at all.

Thus, the Obamacare roll out.

Against Carville, while the damage is “self-inflicted,” it is the result of championing a law that can only impoverish Americans and make them sicker. People who engage in such serious self-deception, eventually lose touch with every bit of reality.