Poll Indicates Ohio’s Liberal Voters Abandoning Obama

Ohio has long been considered to be one of the key swing states in presidential elections.  It seems that whoever wins Ohio wins the White House.  Last November, Obama received 2,697,260 votes to Romney’s 2.593,779 votes.  Even though Romney won 72 of Ohio’s 88 counties, Obama won the state by the narrow margin of only 103,000 votes (largely because of voter fraud in Cleveland where numerous precincts reported 100% of votes for Obama). According to the latest Quinnipiac University survey, Read more […]

Supreme Court Opens Doors For Voter Photo ID and Early Voting Restrictions

Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act was a special provision that allowed the federal government to have a discretionary control of state voting laws in areas where there was historically voter discrimination against minorities.  This provision was aimed mostly at southern states and certain counties in other states.  The Act spells out certain criteria to define which states or counties would come under the special provision of Section 5. The Obama administration has used Section 5 of the Voting Read more […]

California Town Still Trying to Recover Costs of Obama Campaign Fundraising Visit

Who should pay the costs incurred by a town for a political candidate’s campaign? Whenever the President of the United States is on the campaign trail, cities across the nation are forced to provide extra security for the visit.  Many towns are facing deficit budgets and don’t have the extra money lying around to pay their police and city workers for the extra duties and the security that is mandated. For example, in April of last year, President Obama attended a pair of fundraisers in Read more […]

Not Only Do Dead People Vote But They Also Collect Welfare

In 2012, we saw numerous reports of dead people voting in a number of state primary elections and the general election in November.  In all likelihood, thousands of votes were cast from the grave for a number of politicians, mostly Democrats.  Even more absurd was when Florida went to purge their voter rolls of dead people and non-citizens, Eric Holder’s Justice Department tried to stop them. Now we are learning that dead people cannot only cast their ghostly ballots from beyond, but they Read more […]

IRS Official Doesn’t Know How to “Take the Fifth”

On Wednesday, Lois Lerner, Director of the IRS Tax Exempt Division, pleaded the Fifth in front of Congress. Steadfastly refusing to offer testimony in a vain attempt to stonewall Congressional examination, Lerner’s self-imposed silence was expected. Unfortunately for her, Lerner wasn’t quite silent enough. She succumbed to the rampant but completely mistaken Democrat assertion of her own invulnerability. As comedian Ron White says, “You can’t fix stupid.” Ms. Lerner foolishly chose to Read more […]

IRS: Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been a Christian?

The IRS abused its power in targeting conservatives for harassment and probably leaking information to liberal groups during the presidential election cycle. But the IRS’s actions crossed a line from merely corrupt into sinister when it grilled an Iowa pro-life group about its religious views. During a House Ways and Means Committee hearing on Friday, Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Ill., asked outgoing IRS commissioner Steven Miller about it. “Their question,” Schock said, “specifically asked from the Read more […]

As IRS Scandal Grows, So Does Obama’s Irresponsibility

When an IRS official apologized for targeting Tea Party and patriot groups for harassment, at first it was President Bush’s fault because the office manager who was ordering his employees to stall conservatives’ nonprofit applications had been appointed under the Bush regime. When that didn’t work and it quickly became obvious that the IRS was engaging in a much broader policy of targeting conservatives, religious groups and even journalists who wrote stories not flattering to the president, then Read more […]

Crimes of Illegals in America

Under Herbert Hoover’s presidency during the Great Depression, local governments ordered the deportation of illegal aliens to make jobs available to American — citizens that desperately needed work. Harry Truman introduced legislation in 1951 to reduce the illegal immigration problem. And then in 1954, President Dwight Eisenhower deported approximately 1.3 million Mexican nationals due to the growing threat to national security and the American economy. This current administration walks Read more […]

Obama and Romney Nearly Pay the Same Tax Rate­

Remember when Mitt Romney was attacked by the media for only paying a 15.4 percent tax rate? Well, President Obama’s rate is not much different: 18 percent for 2012. Romney had more than $3 million taken from him in 2011. No one person should have to pay that much money, especially when the government that confiscated it will most likely waste it. If Romney had been able to keep most of that $3 million, it would have done more for the economy than any government redistribution program ever could. Read more […]

Why Do Conservatives Like Sarah Palin?

Conservative Wonderwoman Phyllis Schlafly gave a speech at CPAC this past weekend in which she called Mitt Romney a loser for being a moderate. This was the day before Mitt Romney was to give his own speech at CPAC (which ended up being a very humble speech). Now, many of us were not happy with Mitt Romney in the primaries, but once he became our candidate and we stopped being exposed to a barrage of horrible, bitter attacks against him by Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, and were able to get Read more […]

Ohio Poll Worker Voted Twice for Obama and So Did Her Granddaughter

For over a year leading up to the November elections, Republicans at state and national levels tried to pass laws to prevent voter fraud.  They pushed for photo IDs, like those used for driver’s licenses.  They also tried to purge the voter registration rolls of people that had died and illegal aliens who do not have the right to vote. Democrats fought to stop every law and action designed to reduce voter fraud.  Their argument was that the laws were racially discriminatory, as if blacks Read more […]

Was Dick Morris a Democrat Mole?

A mole is an espionage term. The mole burrows deep into an organization to do two things: (1) find information that could help the group that sent him in as a mole and (2) to sabotage the operation of the enemy. Was Dick Morris a mole for the Democrats, in particular, the Clintons? Days before the 2012 election, Morris predicted a Romney landslide. He had been making this claim for some time. Here’s what he said to Bill O’Reilly on Fox on October 31st, nearly a week before the election: O’REILLY: You’re Read more […]