The Problem of the Sexless Japanese Still Continues

Mark Horne posted about this problem over a year ago. Now McClatchy reports that nothing has improved. There are still a growing number of sexless Japanese. Japan is well known for many things, and its obsession with sex is one of them. It has one of the most robust pornographic and adult-toy industries in the world and airs TV commercials for items as banal as candy that feature sexually suggestive themes. It even has an annual fertility festival that parades two five-foot-tall penis sculptures Read more […]

Obama’s Attempt at Mass Hypnosis: America Stands Up for Abortion

The 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion was a shame to this country. So were all the politicians who treated the Supreme Court as the rightful dictators of America. But it is still true that much of America is still resistant to much of the abortion industry. That’s why the ACLU sued a Catholic hospital system for not offering abortions. In fact, given the struggles that pro-abortionists are fighting in many states (remember Wendy Davis), it is obvious the nation is split over Read more […]

Love Your Neighbor as Yourself in a Mass Shooting

While it is horrible that the victims in the San Bernardino shooting were unarmed and vulnerable, so that fifteen were killed by merely two shooters, it is important to remember courage and self-sacrifice in the face of death. Yesterday, this showed up in my Facebook feed: While Facebook memes are not something I would consider reliable, this one could be easily verified. For example, the New York Post reports, “San Bernardino survivor calls victim Shannon Johnson ‘her hero’” When Read more […]

You Can’t Please Everybody–Hunting Nun Causes a Stir

I grew up in western Pennsylvania, not far from St. Mary’s where Sister John Paul Bauer is from.  A few days back, a Facebook friend from my childhood posted a photo of the hunting nun that he found on the Facebook page for the Hunting Pennsylvania community.  Sister John Paul bagged her buck on opening day of deer season, which is always the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Anyone from western Pennsylvania knows when opening day is because, even if you don’t hunt, you get the day off from school. Read more […]

For Many Voters “Strength” Matters, not Trustworthy

Byron York wrote what I consider a disturbing story for the Washington Examiner: “Voters don’t want honest. They want strong.” In a new Quinnipiac national poll of the Republican and Democratic presidential races, the candidates whom voters view as least honest and trustworthy are leading the pack. In fact, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump score almost equally on the issue. When asked “Would you say that Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy or not?” 60 percent of voters nationally said she Read more […]

Woman Wins Right to Die because She’s Shallow

I believe people should have the authority over themselves to refuse treatment. That doesn’t mean they are always or usually right to do so. In Britain it seems to be the law that you have to give your reasons for refusing to the authorities and they decide if your reasons are rational. This may seem more compassionate, but the result is the legitimization of suicide because a person’s life is determined to be of no value. Recently, a woman’s right to die was justified an the grounds that she Read more […]

The Trouble with Foreign Aid to Developing Nations

It sounds good.  Stories of our financial support to developing nations make the US seem benevolent and good.  We send aid to a country, and the people are helped.  What could the harm be? The trouble with foreign aid to developing nations is that once the people receive the “free” money, they no longer have the motivation to find ways to earn money for themselves.  Their lack of earning then impacts the tax base which in turn makes it nearly impossible for governments to operate properly. Read more […]

Tolerance Takes a Holiday

I love me some Chick-fil-A! In our city, Chick-fil-A has slowly been adding more stores, and with each one, I feel a little more thankful for a family-friendly fast food chain that has some pretty healthy choices on its menus. They also serve up freindliness, courtesy, and smiles. I guess I am not the only one who likes the overall atmosphere of Chick-fil-A. Some customers at one of the newest and largest branches of the chain are feeling pretty good about it, too. According to writer Ginia Bellafante in Read more […]

Pope Stumps for Environment, Using Poor as the Excuse

I tried to like this pope when he was selected. I think most of the world wanted to love or at least respect him. But his American tour has shown beyond any doubt that instead of a man of God, he is a man of the Left. And while he uses the poor continually as a prop in his speeches, a la “do this because the poor are suffering,” he is pushing the same tired leftist rhetoric about economic equality, social justice and environmental welfare that you can get from your run-of-the-mill Marxist college Read more […]

Tenth Video: More Evidence Planned Parenthood Illegally Profits from Organ Trafficking

We now have a tenth video from the undercover journalism of the Center for Medical Progress. (Go here if you need a reminder about the previous nine video and their high points, or low points.) Live Action News reports: “Planned Parenthood admits baby parts sales can make ‘a fair amount of income’” Shocking video footage released today shows top Planned Parenthood executives discussing the sales of baby body parts, saying that it is a “valid exchange”, and that clinics can make Read more […]

Canadian Gov to Doctors: You WILL Assist Suicide

No conscientious objection to suicide is permitted; all medical institutions MUST participate. If a position doesn’t open up here soon enough, perhaps the psycho girlfriend who convinced her boy toy to kill himself can find employment up north. CTV News reports, “Quebec health minister insists dying patients must get help to ease suffering.” That is regime-speak for saying that each and every hospital and institution is required to assist in suicide. Terminally ill patients in Quebec who Read more […]

What Is Man?

The internet is truly a strange place. Two online tactics are shaming and flaming. These techniques are used to destroy reputations, destroy livelihoods and even to destroy lives. Just ask the dentist Walter Palmer who has now received numerous death threats. You’ll recall he was the lion hunter that accidentally killed Cecil the lion. I say accidentally because he paid handsomely for a local guide whose job it was to keep him from taking any illegal shots at any protected animals. So the Read more […]