Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Take a Pay Cut

At last, there is something to cheer about in Congress.  According to The Washington Post, the House passed a bill to cut the pay raises to the CEOs of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac lending companies. From The Washington Post’s story: The U.S. House of Representatives voted to approve a bill that would suspend new annual target compensation of $4 million each for Freddie Mac CEO Donald Layton and Fannie Mae CEO Timothy Mayopoulos. If signed into law by President Obama, the bill would return Read more […]

Russia Strikes in Syria, Tells U.S. to Get Out of Way

Nothing says professionalism like having no clue what just happened on your own watch, especially when you’re the American secretary of state. John Kerry was actually in the process of speaking with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov about coordinating Russian military movements in Syria with the U.S. airstrikes against ISIS, when the Russians sent a lackey to the U.S. embassy in Baghdad. The lackey’s message? We’ve started bombing; one side, please. I would have liked to have seen Kerry’s Read more […]

Bob Schieffer: Our Job Is to Tell You What to Think

Bob Schieffer is retiring from CBS News but he’s continuing his career in arrogance. I don’t despise Bob Schieffer especially. And even though I haven’t watched a news show in many years I found parts of this video somewhat endearing. But the stuff he said in response to a question at about the 4:32 mark is rather incredible. It isn’t only notable that Bob Schieffer expressed such opinions but that CBS DC headlined them and quoted them to make sure we didn’t miss them: “Bob Read more […]

Another Mysterious Death in Missouri Government

Weird suicide of state auditor now followed by mysterious death of his media director. Not sure what the status of this will be by the time you read it, but as of about noon yesterday news was released about the death of Spence Jackson. I am still waiting for an autopsy report. Jackson was the media director for the former Missouri Auditor, Tom Schweitz, a Republican. Tom Schweitz called reporters from the Associated Press and the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch. He invited them to come to his home Read more […]

Washington DC Freezes, Coldest since 1885

Where is global warming when Washington DC freezes and breaks a record of more than a century? The Washington Post website has a long detailed post on the cold weather that has taken up residence around and in our nation’s capital. In a post mid-week, then again yesterday, we pointed out how unusual it was to get two days with such cold readings last Sunday and Monday. The gist: you need to go back decades to see it. Then came round two. Yesterday’s high of 21 degrees in D.C. was just Read more […]

Global Warming Forum Threatened by Record Snowstorm

Yesterday, news broke that a record snowstorm was jeopardizing a scheduled propaganda event for the cause of man-made climate change. From the Climate Change Dispatch: “‘Snowmageddon’ Threatens Massachusetts Global Warming Forum.” The record-shattering snow that has shut down Boston’s public transit system threatens to white out a global warming forum organized by Massachusetts Senate President Stanley Rosenberg (D, Amherst). Rosenberg scheduled the forum for 1 PM Tuesday beneath Read more […]

Michael Brown Witness Dorian Johnson Now on Public Payroll

Dorian Johnson, whose story made a city burn, is now working for local government. I thought I was beyond shock. I was wrong. This is beyond unbelievable. The man who caused disruption beyond measure across the country, and untold agony and destruction in his own hometown due to his demonstrably and verified false testimony… has been hired by the government. Here’s a St. Louis Post-Dispatch headline: “Michael Brown witness Dorian Johnson hired to do work for city of St. Louis.” Dorian Read more […]

The Deep South Is Free of Democrat Senators!

No Democrat Senators are left in an entire region of the country! You already know that the Democrats have lost big, and you probably have heard that their defeat just grew by one more Senator over the weekend. But you may not realize the full massive extent of their loss in the Senate. I love the way that ABC News expressed the significance of the Democrats’ loss: “Landrieu Loses LA Senate Race to GOP Rep. Cassidy.” The final outstanding Senate race of 2014 was decided Saturday Read more […]

Without Integrity and Courage, the Media is Useless

The First Amendment doesn’t work if journalists don’t possess integrity and courage. Why is America divided, and in bad shape? Craven media. Consider this clip from During an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” former CNBC reporter Melissa Francis talks about how executives at the network tried to silence her when she talked about Obamacare. I applaud Melissa Francis for telling the truth now, but it would have been better if she’d continued to tell the truth in the past. Read more […]

Global Warming Makes Leaves Change Color in August

We know it must be global warming because everything in the weather is caused by global warming. Right? CBS Pittsburgh reports, “Experts: Record Cold Summer Leads To Changing Leaves in August.” Pittsburgh is dealing with one of the coldest summers in history and it’s having an effect on the trees. Friday morning temperatures fell into the 40s in Western Pennsylvania. Meteorologists say these cold temperatures are leading to trees changing colors in the middle of August. “This is extraordinary Read more […]

What is Vladimir Putin doing in Ukraine?

While the U.S. Is focused on Robin Williams, Ferguson, Missouri, and the butchers formerly known as ISIS in Iraq, it would appear Vladimir Putin is on the move. From the Guardian: “Aid convoy stops short of border as Russian military vehicles enter Ukraine.” The white trucks of humanitarian aid rumbled through Russia in a convoy stretching for miles, moving slowly southwards on the M4 highway, amid a landscape of fertile fields and Ladas stopped at the roadside – their boots overflowing Read more […]

The Good News is That People Don’t Believe the News

There is no getting around it: in an age of lies and propaganda, a general attitude of skepticism and cynicism can protect society. It may make it harder to get people to join your movement, but at least they’re not joining anyone else’s. And it means that even if the liberals succeed in censoring the media, they still won’t have the ear of the people. So this is good news: CNS News reports, Public confidence in television news is at an all-time low, according to a survey released today Read more […]