Robin Hood Was More Practical Than Obamacare: Steal From Most & Give Little To The Poor

My local news paper, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, begins a health insurance story this way: Thanks to government subsidies, many St. Louis-area residents will be able to afford health insurance for the first time, beginning in 2014. And then the next sentence comes… …But the insurance they’ll be able to buy will offer a limited range of options. Which matches the headline: “New health policies will expose many to higher premiums, more risk.” I looked at my local paper because the Read more […]

Shut It Down Some More

Well, Harry Reid and Barack Obama got what they wanted: a government shutdown that the media are blaming on Republicans, and Obamacare going into full operation. The big, bad shutdown that Obama, Reid and the rest of the Democrats have been using to scare low-information voters is finally here, settling in amid Obamacare’s wake. Obamacare’s what this is all about, of course. The Democrats and Obama couldn’t allow “The Legacy” to be stopped by a measly thing like defunding. So what if it’s going Read more […]

Federal Government Steals Billions of Dollars of Raisins

Have you ever heard of Marketing Order 989, the Raisin Administrative Committee or the National Raisin Reserve?  If you’re not a raisin producer, the answer is probably no. In 1949, the Raisin Administrative Committee was formed under the Agricultural Agreement Act of 1937.  In 1949, Democrat Harry Truman was President of the United States and both the House and Senate were controlled by the Democrats.  The Congress was still following the liberal progressive agenda of FDR.  Marketing Order Read more […]

Obama Doing What Americans Want Least

When Barack Obama was sworn into office this January for his second term, what did you think were the priorities that needed to be addressed the most? According to a survey conducted by Pew Research, Americans listed their priorities as: 1.  Strengthening the economy – 86% 2.  Improving job situation – 79% 3.  Reducing budget deficit – 72% 4.  Defending against terrorism – 71% 5.  Making Social Security financially sound – 70% 6.  Improving education – 70% 7.  Making Read more […]

Amnesty Will Make Social Security Worse

Over the next 75 years the Social Security “program is scheduled to pay out $134 trillion more in benefits than it will collect in tax revenue, according to agency data.” But long before then, Social Security will be sucking wind, and worse, sucking money out of our paychecks with ever diminishing returns because of Quantitative Easting, that is, inflation (government theft). Liberals claim that amnesty will help the flow of new capital that will bail out the system. The argument goes that Read more […]