A Proud Native American Tribe Shoved Aside For Political Correctness

Two years ago I argued on this website that the NFL team in Washington D.C. called themselves “Redskins” out of respect. The argument was simple enough. NFL teams tend to name themselves after predatory animals (Bengal, Lions), superhuman creatures (Titans, Giants), and fierce fighters from the past (Vikings, Buccaneers). Indian names plainly belong in the latter category. Nowhere do we find teams named, the Losers, the Wimps, the Couch Potatoes, the Obese, the Inferior. There are a bunch of inferior Read more […]

Fox Sports Sued for Religious Discrimination over Gay ‘Marriage’

Breitbart News reported, “Craig James Sues Fox Sports for Religious Discrimination over Gay Marriage Firing.” Daniel J. Flynn wrote Monday, College football analyst Craig James filed suit against Fox Sports in a Dallas court this morning contending religious discrimination for his 2013 termination over his stance on gay marriage. “Fox Sports fired James for one reason only: his religious beliefs about marriage,” the 35-page suit charges. “In so doing, Fox Sports violated the law. Specifically, Read more […]

Ending Equality for Women: Transgender Sports

The New York State Public High School Athletic Association is about to vote on the “most inclusive” transgender sports guidelines ever. Since we already have a hunk of transgender womanhood hospitalizing females in the MMA, and the Armed Forces is about to open the floodgates, of course it is time to institute transgender sports. Victor Skinner at EAGnews.com writes, “New York mulls ‘most inclusive’ transgender student athlete rules in nation.” Officials with the New York State Public Read more […]

Transgender MMA Fighter Bashes Women in the Ring

He’s proving himself a real man, using Transgender MMA as an excuse to make female fighters require medical care. If I had written a novel in the early nineties predicting all this stuff it would have been considered too unrealistic for science fiction. Let’s remember another case where females were put at risk from violence from a “transgender woman” for the sake of political correctness. This happened in a Connecticut juvenile correctional facility. I listened to an NPR report that Read more […]

Bruce Jenner Now Adopts Fake Beauty Standards

Fake beauty standards are wrong for women but OK for men pretending to be women? Bruce Jenner was born in October of 1949. With that in mind, I want to remind you of this video that was quite viral back in 2006. Of course the use of makeup is not that big a deal, but the use of photoshop to enlarge the eyes and lengthen the neck showed a real ability to make the inhuman into an ideal. This topic comes up regularly. The media encourages and promotes unrealistic body and beauty ideals Read more […]

Football Is Paid Off for Patriotism by the Pentagon?

The Department of Defense buys pro-military patriotism from the NFL. I am trying to be restrained… but it’s very, very hard. Is there any major business entity not in bed with the government to rip off taxpayers? Even the NFL? From NJ.com: “Jets’ salutes honor N.J. National Guard but cost taxpayers.” When the Jets paused to honor soldiers of the New Jersey Army National Guard at home games during the past four years, it was more than a heartfelt salute to the military — it was Read more […]

The Radical Biblicism of Manny Pacquiao

The most expensive match in boxing history is now behind us. Manny Pacquiao’s under-dog status, his charisma were not enough to defeat the undefeatable Floyd Mayweather. Floyd is now 48-0. One more victory puts him in the same league as the legendary Rocky Marciano. But the things behind the scene of this magnanimous match is what has caught the attention of many in the media. Mayweather is an extraordinary fighter. He happens to be also an extraordinary domestic abuser. His well and hideously Read more […]

Roman Catholic College Attacks Evangelical College

The athletic department at a Roman Catholic College has canceled all sports matches with Gordon College because the school teaches that homosexual acts are sinful. We have posted about Gordon College before. It is a Christian college that is about to be stripped of its accreditation for daring to teach and expect teachers to uphold Biblical teaching about sex and marriage. For more see these posts: So It Begins: Christian College Loses City Contract; Accreditation Threatened Accreditation Read more […]

MLB Wants Christians Silenced

Major League Baseball is fine with a homosexual player as an ambassador of inclusion, but the owners want Christians silenced. The Daily Signal reports, “After Speaking Honestly About His Religious Views, Baseball Player Instructed to Only Talk Sports.” Baseball player Daniel Murphy thinks it’s wrong to practice a gay “lifestyle.” Now he’s no longer allowed to talk about his religious beliefs. Why is the nation even discussing what Murphy, a second baseman for the New York Mets, Read more […]

Dancing with the Stars Closets Michael Sam

If Dancing with the Stars “accepts” Michael Sam, then why force him to act heterosexual? You will remember Michael Sam as the man who deeply kissed his boyfriend on draft day. Draft day didn’t end up being as productive for Sam as he would have liked, which seems amazingly metaphorical now that I think about it. [See also, “ESPN Televises America’s First Man-on-Man Makeout.”] Michael Sam has been invited to and has agreed to appear on the show Dancing with the Stars. Count Read more […]

Sports Stadium: Making Serfs Cheer to Get Plundered

Today’s Philosophical Public Service Moment. From KUSI: “Chargers and Raiders moving forward on L.A. stadium proposal.” The San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders are expected to formally announce Friday that they are working on a plan to build a $1.7 billion NFL stadium to share in the Los Angeles County city of Carson. The teams are pursuing a stadium option in Carson for one straightforward reason: If they cannot find a permanent solution in their home markets, the teams would have Read more […]

Teaching Children to Cheat and Use the Race Card

Is this what Little League is supposed to be teaching children about life? From ABC 7: After Jackie Robinson West was stripped of their national title in the 2014 Little League World Series, some are saying that racism influenced the Little League’s decision. This summer, the stories about Jackie Robinson West were about much more than baseball. Now, some players, parents and community leaders are saying that the persistent attention and investigation of the league also goes deeper. Rev. Read more […]