DHS Follows the President, Not Laws; Congress Impotent

Federal bureaucrat brazenly testifies that DHS follows the President and can disregard the law to do so. From Republic, to Banana Republic. From the Rule of Law, to Tyranny. Republicans, this is what happens when you completely fail in your duty; when you put power politics above standing on principle, defending liberty, and doing what’s right. This President should have been impeached a long, long, long time ago, to defend the integrity of the office, and uphold your own oath to the Constitution. In Read more […]

God’s Law regarding Economics

When travel plans go awry it can be frustrating. My flight out of BWI on Monday was canceled due to equipment breakdown. I’m glad that was discovered by the crew as we sat on the run way rather than in the air. It meant returning to the terminal, deplaning and a wait of 10 hours. That delay created a cascade of problems that had to be worked out, find a last minute replacement to speak in my stead at the meeting that night in California, find a different person to pick me up at the airport Read more […]

Zero Tolerance for Six-Year-Old who Pretended Hand was Gun

More zero tolerance against boys and their imaginations was demonstrated against a first-grader in Colorado Springs. It is time to acknowledge it: Until we start punishing school administrators they will continue to demonstrate this intolerant, child-warping, and irrational behavior. We entrust the minds of our children to these arrogant fools. They suffer no consequences for betraying this trust. KRDO.com reports, “6-year-old suspended after pointing at classmate in shape of gun.” A Read more […]

Vote Republican so You Can Make Obama’s List

Ah, Election Day, the day when we plebeians get to cast off our shackles and overthrow our masters — or not. Every election is important to the larger community, but some elections stand out as being potential game changers. This is one of those. Having been ignored by the majority of voters in the past two presidential elections, conservatives might be excused for being excited about today. The past two presidential elections were opportunities to prevent America from falling into a death Read more […]

The Terrorist Flag Switchers Are… German Artists!

You may remember Bob Allen posted about the, uh, terrorist flag switchers. The NYPD was devoting manpower to find out who switched the U.S. flags on the Brooklyn Bridge with white flags. As he wrote then: Good to know New York’s crime is so minimal that the NYPD can waste… er, devote so many resources to chasing down an obvious prank or political statement. […] The suggestion this could have anything to do with terrorism isn’t even worth refuting (those who could possibly be that delusional would Read more […]

Los Angeles Holds Its First Pot Farmers Market

If you were in Los Angeles this past weekend, that cloud of smoke hanging over the California Heritage Market wasn’t a fire, it was just advertising for the county’s first pot farmers market. Thousands of people followed the Doritos deliveryman to the three-day event, where “patients” were able to buy their “medicinal” hash directly from licensed growers. Wink, wink. In between the uncontrollable giggling, customers to the market were able to visit booths that looked like typical vegetable Read more […]

Drone Killing American Citizens Without Due Process—It Really Is Cold-Blooded Murder

So the President’s secret memo that purports to explain the Constitutional basis for using drones to kill American citizens without due process has finally been released, thank to a FOIA request and a judge’s order. When you think about this document, remember that it is not only about what has happened in the past. As late as February Michael Peroutka pointed out that the New York Times was reporting that the Obama Administration was discussing whether or not to kill an American citizen in Read more […]

Why we’re mad and we’re not going to take it anymore

Many inside the beltway sub-culture who rarely, if ever, venture outside the 202 area code, except to venture to the 212 area code, have reactions ranging from disbelief to sneering condescension regarding the primary challenges being mounted against Republican incumbents. But if they actually took the time to talk to the people they claim to represent, instead of at them or over them, perhaps this whole GOP civil war thing could have been avoided. Take it from a talk show host whose mouth usually Read more […]

Colorado Bill Shows What Abortion Utopia Would Look Like

We hear so much about how outlawing abortions once the child has developed enough to feel pain is such a “radical” move, perhaps we ought to ask ourselves if pro-abortion forces can ever do anything “radical”?  It seems not. When Planned Parenthood attacks a pro-abortion politician for siding with some safety regulations because her cousin was killed by an insanely unsafe abortionist, no one in the mainstream ever calls them radical. Colorado now has a Democrat as governor and a Democrat Read more […]

Blood Could be Spilled for Desert Tortoise

The situation at the Bundy ranch in Nevada is beginning to turn dangerous. The elder rancher Cliven Bundy, who has been facing off with the Bureau of Land Management as the agency rounds up and seizes his cattle over a grazing rights dispute, has gained the support of armed militia members even as the BLM has swarmed his property with hundreds of federal agents in trucks and helicopters, and called for out-of-state backup. All of this over an allegedly endangered desert tortoise. On Wednesday, Read more […]

Congress Attempts To Make Criminal IRS Behavior Illegal And Punishable; But Where Is Sarah Ingram?

From National Review Online: A comprehensive tax-reform plan House Republicans will unveil this morning takes dead aim at what Republicans perceive to be the IRS’s persistent abuse of its authority. According to Republican aides familiar with the plan, it will curb the power of the nation’s tax-collecting agency, something Republicans have attempted to do since the agency admitted to improperly singling out conservative non-profit groups last May. The legislation, authored by Ways and Means Read more […]

Why Good Elected Officials Go Bad

A few months ago, a crew from New Jersey was recording a college campus video in my office.  I am a Constitutionally Conservative Republican, so when the interviewer asked me a question that seemed like it would have a self-evident answer she was surprised when I threw her a curveball. She asked, “Commissioner Rothschild, would you encourage young college Republicans to consider running for public office?” No, I responded, unless they answer the following questions correctly: First, Read more […]