Catholic Bishops Bless Massachusetts Gun Prohibitionists

Four Roman Catholic bishops have issued a letter about “the Act Relative to Gun Violence” recently introduced in the Massachusetts legislature. They write:

The Roman Catholic Bishops of the Commonwealth are in support of adjustments to existing firearm laws. Any law that would address the role that violence, some mental illnesses, and substance abuse play in many tragedies involving firearms would be a welcomed advance in this area of the law and would be a great benefit to our society. 

It appears that the legislation introduced Tuesday is measured and reasonable; it does not infringe upon the rights of sportsmen and others who possess firearms for legal and legitimate purposes. It would help to prevent tragedies such as those in Newtown, Connecticut or more recently in Isla Vista, California. No community is immune to the possibility of a devastating tragedy. Whatever its final form, it is abundantly clear that legislation aimed toward the reduction of preventable deaths is necessary.

Here is’s description of this “measured and reasonable” legislation:

On March 27, Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo (D-20) proposed new gun control, which includes the ban on private gun sales and the creation of a gun registry. It also provides police with “discretion” in deciding who should and should not be able to purchase shotguns or rifles.

So even by the anemic standards of the bishops, this bill falls short. It doesn’t protect “the rights of sportsmen.” It makes the police the masters of who may or may not own a hunting rifle.

And who cares about “the rights of sportsmen” anyway?! The Second Amendment wasn’t written for hunting animals; it was written to declare that it is a basic human right to possess the tools necessary to hunt other humans. The reason the government should have nothing to do with registering, regulating, or restricting firearms is because the entire point of the right to bear arms is to not leave a person defenseless against criminals. No one is supposed to be completely dependent on the police for protection.

Presumably we are supposed to believe these church leaders speak from a knowledge of the Bible. Where in the Bible do we see anyone disarmed except by an enemy? We also that people who fought to defend their land from foreign invaders had their own weapons that they used.

To be disarmed is to be enslaved. No one claiming to speak for God should recommend that people become slaves.