CBS Reporter Challenged Bosses, White House to Air Benghazi Stories

I have a new favorite journalist, Sharyl Attkisson of CBS.

It’s been years since you could find any respectable journalists who do their jobs, most of the media talking heads and reporters having gone over to the White House stable.

Working in that culture is what makes Attkisson’s accomplishment all the more important and impressive.

While us conservative blogger types have gone after the Obama Administration whenever it does something underhanded, which is pretty much every day, we’re just a dime a dozen.

Attkisson is in that rarified circle of TV journalists, and yet she has risked her reputation and probably her career to report the Benghazi coverup, stories that now have finally begun to break through the wall of denial and are being taken up by ABC, BBC and even CNN.

While it’s well-known that high-level media operators and owners mingle in political circles and most of them are contributors to the Obama regime, Attkisson had to do her job under the thumb of CBS News President David Rhoades.

Rhoades is not only an Obama sympathizer, but he is the brother of Obama national security adviser Ben Rhoades. According to ABC, Ben Rhoades was one of the figures involved in rewriting the CIA talking points on Benghazi to cover up the fact that the Administration knew al-Qaida was involved from the beginning.

The incestuous relationship between the CBS upper echelon and the Administration certainly helps explain the leaks coming from the CBS newsroom about Attkisson’s difficulties in getting her stories aired and her bosses expressing their desire to send her packing.

Attkisson is also among the select club of journalists singled out by the Administration for being “advocates” — meaning reporting the truth rather than the Obama version of reality.

Attkisson may not have much longer at CBS, but her persistence has started something by forcing open the gates around the Administration’s fortress of lies on Benghazi. It’s now up to the handful of remaining ethical journalists to charge in and get to the truth.