Celebrity Hacker Gets 10 Years For Doing NSA, TSA Routine Crimes

So, privacy and modesty of some sort are really important if you are a mere private citizen. Thus:

“A Florida man who hacked into email accounts and procured naked images of Mila Kunis, Christina Aguilera, and Scarlett Johansson was sentenced Monday to 10 years in prison. U.S. District Court Judge S. James Otero sentenced Christopher Chaney, 35, of Jacksonville, Fla., after hearing how he intruded into the lives of dozens of celebrities and others and in some cases passed naked images along on the Internet. Chaney, who has maintained he made no money from his actions, had already pleaded guilty in Los Angeles federal court to nine counts of computer hacking and wiretapping for the unauthorized access of email accounts belonging to 50 people in the entertainment industry. Once Chaney got photos of the celebrities and other information, he forwarded the material to another hacker and two celebrity websites that made them public, according to a plea agreement.”

The reason the man accepted a plea deal isn’t hard to figure out. If he had lost at trial, he would have faced a sixty-year sentence.

Hacking emails is serious. So is passing on nude pictures (though it is also pretty stupid to intentionally make such pictures yourself).  But the government commits these crimes all the time and expects us to thank them for it. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) demands that we all give up our privates in radiated digital or else go through a hand rape ordeal. The National Security Administration is involved in intercepting and storing all our emails and data just in case we ever need to be investigated. Just Friday, the NSA demanded a judge throw out a lawsuit that the Electronic Frontier Foundation had filed against them because it was a “state secret” whether they spied on us or not.

“The EFF’s allegations are based in part on internal AT&T documents, first published by Wired, that outline a secret room in an AT&T San Francisco office and others which route internet traffic to the NSA. The lawsuit was filed immediately after President Bush signed legislation immunizing the telecommunication companies for their alleged participation in the program. The lawsuit before Judge White prompted the Obama administration to invoke the state secrets privilege — despite having announced he would limit his use of that doctrine at the beginning of his four-year term.”

So if you’re a celebrity follower addicted to hacking their private information, you can lose a decade of your life. But if you’re the government, whether or not you violate the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution is no one else’s business. You get to do what you want and all your legal fees are covered by the taxpayers.

Remember the old joke: “Don’t steal; the government hates competition”? Well now we can say the same thing for another area. “Don’t spy…” and “Don’t hack…” That’s exclusively the government’s job.

That’s quite a country we live in, where millions of babies are killed in the womb every year because the Supreme Court has determined that there is “a right to privacy” in the Constitution that means a woman cannot be restrained from getting an abortion, and yet the NSA, the TSA, and in fact many other government departments have free rein (and free reign) to be voyeurs against all of us.

If the media-industrial complex gets its way, we will also all be considered criminal to own firearms, while the government will get to buy all the bullets and use all the fully automatic weapons that it wants to.

Personally, I pray that, before our hacker criminal finishes his sentence, there will be a few TSA and NSA employees joining him. That would be real national security.