Central Banks Have Real Power and They Use It

I hesitate to write much here, because it can’t add to what is written. This story at Zero Hedge makes it clearer than ever before: Central banking based on fractional-reserve, fiat-money is a grave danger to freedom.

“In Explosive Scandal, Head Of Polish Central Bank Recorded Promising Assistance To Government If Minister Fired”

Remember when conventional wisdom said central banks are apolitical and impartial, and anyone who claimed that the world’s money printers (which in the New Normal of failed fiscal policy means the only source of stimulus, and thus infinite political leverage and an existence “above the law”) are in fact the most political and partial entities was, what else, a conspiracy theorist? Well, there goes another conspiracy theory, replaced by conspiracy fact.

Yesterday, Polish magazine Wprost released a recording of a meeting between Interior Minister Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz and central bank Governor Marek Belka which took place in a Warsaw restaurant in July 2013. In the recording, Belka told the minister he would be willing to help the government out of its economic troubles if the finance minister was fired.

According to Bloomberg, which released the details earlier, Sienkiewicz allegedly heard on recording asking Belka if central bank would be able to support government 8 months before election if slow economic recovery and weak budget situation coincide with surge in support for opposition Law and Justice party.

Belka was then heard discussing “non-standard” support that includes “very significant change” in central bank status, and was heard saying he’s ready to help under condition that Finance Minister Jacek Rostowski is replaced by “technical and apolitical finance minister, who will find full support in the central bank.”

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Those who have suggested storylines such as what is described here have been called “conspiracy theorists” and “tinfoil-hat wearing whackos,” yet… here it is. Real, documented fact.

Those who control money, control politicians. When those money powers are given the freedom to print money out of nothing, that gives them virtually unlimited power to influence anything and everything they so desire. We need to banish debt-based economics and return to an asset-based economy.

One practical takeaway: Check the donation records of your Senators and Congressperson. If they are recipients of money from Wall Street and major banks, they are severely compromised, and need to be tossed, immediately.

With that, I have to go and see if I Wal-Mart has any more tinfoil.