Chaldean Christians Don’t Get to Freely Enter the United States

Why should Chaldean Christians, of all immigrants, get held up at the border?

As Mark wrote under the post headline, “State Department Refuses Help to Christians because They Are Christians,” we have evidence and testimony that indicates the United States Federal Government has no intention of acknowledging Christian persecution in the Middle East or allowing Christians to avail themselves of the same provisions for religious refugees that others may use. In fact, the headline may understate the case since it sounds like the State Department is refusing to give its own help when it is also stopping private individuals from helping.

Now we have more evidence. The Christian Post reports, “After Four Months, Why Are 20 Chaldean Iraqi Christians Who Fled ISIS Still Detained by Immigration Officials?”

Despite having family members to sponsor them, a group of 20 Chaldean Christians who fled ISIS have been detained for over four months at the Otay Detention Facility in San Diego. The large Chaldean community in Southern California are unhappy with the unexplained delays and are demanding their release.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) claim they are undermanned and face a backlog of cases but have offered little to the media about the prolonged detention of the Chaldean 20.

Mark Arabo, an activist and spokesmen for the local Chaldean community says, “What we do know is that they are being held without a real reason.”

Arabo has pleaded with the highest levels of government demanding action for the group being held.

“We are protesting, we are talking to the State Department, and the White House and Congress, and we are putting pressure to make sure they release these twenty people,” he declared to Al Jazeera. Arabo believes the excuses from immigration officials about indefinitely detaining them for bureaucratic reasons is “hard to believe.”

I’m sure our government is just being thorough. We all know that national security is their responsibility. They would never allow an immigrant to be let into this country who might commit a crime…

No, actually, there is no way for this delay to be interpreted as anything other than a singling out of Christians for special treatment.

Arabo pointed out that the men and women in detention have been held too long even by the government’s own standards. The vast majority of foreign nationals detained or arrested by ICE are released under some form of supervision, according to their own statement.

“They’ve escaped hell. Let’s allow them to reunite with their families,” says Arabo. According to a Los Angeles Times report and an ACLU attorney in San Diego, detainees held for six months that have not seen a judge are by law required to have a court hearing.

The problem here is that the government is the only entity that holds the government accountable for conforming to the government’s standards. That basic conflict of interest means the government can do anything it wants to do.

In this case, it seems to want to hide Christians that are fleeing persecution from Muslim terrorists using U.S. arms and equipment.